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When searching a websites backlinks on ahrefs.com I am getting different results when I search: www.exampledomain.com and exampledomain.com . Why is this happening and when google takes a look at backlinks for a domain do they consider both the www.exampledomain.com and exampledomain.com values?
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    search engines see those as two different URLS even though they point to the same place. so things like that can affect your pagerank.

    So if you built links to exampledomain.com but your site is www.exampledomain.com, you won't get the link juice to the latter.

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    its bound to be different. if you make links for exampledomain.com you will see those back when searching for exampledomain.com..as simple as that.

    Ideally one of them ( www or non www) should redirect to another ( your preferred domain) so that you dont waste your link juice ...
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    Got a problem with ahrefs too I can't use it anymore because it says that I've already reached my limit.
    Has anybody encountering the same problem?

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      ahrefs only gives free users 2-3 free searches. After that they want you to subscribe to their service.
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