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Hi all

I thought I would post here first as many may have had the same problem

Has anyone else had problems with the menu in wordpress not working properly?

You can't seem to edit it properly and you also can't delete it either and the spacing and layout just looks all
messed up.

I'm using optimize press but their support said this is a wordpress bug nothing to do with optimize press

This has only happened to one of my sites so very strange

Any of you techy wizards know a fix? :-)

These answers could help many other people that are facing the same problem


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    What up Paul!

    To edit the menu not to show. Go into wordpress under Appearance you will see Menu.

    Click on menu

    Once there, in the upper left hand corner there should an option to Create a New Menu

    Okay, so after you got that, just click save menu and the menu won't show at all, or add the pertinent pages you want to display and save changes.

    Hope that helps
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    Hi Eric

    All of that works fine and I have lots of menus created, the problem that I have is there is some kind of a bug within the menu which doesn't allow you to edit or delete the pages actually within the menu.

    This is actually something that has been happening a while to many others too but I have not managed to find an answer anywhere.

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    Maybe it has something to do with database failure? Try to run a database repair to see if it works.

    As for spacing and layout it's theme issue.
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    You may also change your Wordpress theme temporarily, edit your menu stuff and re-activate your WP theme. It may do the trick.

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    I agree here, go for basic theme, edit the menus and then get back your theme
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    deactivate all the plugins and activate one by one, there might be problems with a plugin.
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      Before you start messing with it all, it might be a good idea to back up your site with something like wp twin, so you can get it back in the event that your site implodes and/or you get the white screen of death (which happened to me recently).

      You can also save a copy of each page with the Firefox plugin ScrapBook - which also helps you reconstruct a site, especially if it's text heavy.

      Good luck!

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    Have you managed to solve this problem? If the menu still doesn't work properly, back up your site and reinstall the theme. This could do the trick.
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  • Profile picture of the author Angshuman Dutta
    I experienced menu spacing problems with a particular theme I like very much. I changed back to the basic 2014 theme, made some customizations and switched back to my old theme and the problem was still there. I then removed the WP super cache plugin (I started removing the plugins one by one) and that seemed to do the trick for me. IMO it's either a plugin or a theme problem.
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      Thank you, for your advice.
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