Problems with Google's Chrome (was it too early to download this browser?)

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As I said here, it's not always recommended to get version 1 of anything...

Specially with applications that will deal with big (or critical) parts of your internet experience (like browsers, FTP...etc.. )

US-CERT is aware of a vulnerability that affects the Google Chrome web browser. This vulnerability is due to a default configuration that allows files to be downloaded without prompting the user. In addition, downloaded files can be opened with a single click, which could allow a user to inadvertently open a malicious file.

US-CERT encourages users to enable the "Ask where to save each file before downloading" option within the "Minor Tweaks" tab in the browser preferences. ...
Just a quick heads up, and also consider reverting back to your faviourate browser, until they take care of all important issues (i don't know if there are other possible vulnerabilities).


SOURCE: Google Chrome Vulnerability
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    I do believe that some people have had issues with this carpet bomb virus as a result of browsing certain site's with Chrome..

    I'm using Chrome now and already changed my settings to correct this issue so I don't appear to have had any issues, but thanks for the heads up



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