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I would like suggestions for good courses that teaches me and EXPLAINS every corner of ANY subject. I am MAINLY looking for SEO (i dont no much bout link building) and Wordpress, Blogs and stuff similar to these things. But if anyone else has any other recommended suggestions, it would be appreciated.

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    StomperNet would be an excellent source for SEO stuff. I'm sure other Warriors also have info products on SEO.

    Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. -Winston Churchill

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  • There is literally a "Wealth Of Information on Marketing" on this site that you can test drive!

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      Yea, why go anywhere!

      this forum has so much to offer for free, and in addition you can ask to get your questions answered

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        Of course the overwhelming reason most people visit this forum
        is not to become experts in SEO, designing websites, etc...

        It's to learn how to make money, preferably a lot of it.

        No single course will give you what making money requires -
        because it's a virtue of dogged determination that separates
        the earners from the failures in this business.

        Primarily if you want to be an earner you should hone your
        writing and selling skills. A trip to the library is a good place
        to start.

        If you want to be an SEO pro, not a salesman, then you are
        choosing a path that is probably less lucrative in general -
        and tedious as well. SEO changes often, there is a lot of
        conflicting information, and in some niches you'll be up against
        SEO firms with several employees working on a project. Being
        proficient at SEO is useful, but it takes a backseat to understanding
        what gets people to BUY stuff if making money is your end goal.
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    that 30 Day Challenge is cool.. I'll do it..
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      My wife has found that by doing these stretches, she can increase the
      size of her...

      Oh...I'm sorry. I thought you said best BOOB course.

      Never mind.
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    I would say away from Stompernet ( it is information overload, and alot is getting out dated) and not that structured. Plus you will become a BF Lamb and be emailed "essential tools" and the next greatest product launch evey 5 mins. Go with a structure course to start.
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    I'd recommend the 30 day challenge, as it's perfect for the newbie and it is designed pretty much to be a free method to implement (at least the last time I checked). If you have a little money to spend, I'd recommend the War Room. There are a TON of IM courses and moneymaking info there, and it is probably the best investment of $37 that you'll ever make!
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