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hey guys i want to know your opinion about the photography niche and the weight loss niche for a begginner
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    Personal opinion only, don't listen to what I say if you're confident in your skills.

    I think that the weight loss niche is over-saturated. If you're doing KW research, you'll barely find a good traffic keyword with little competition. As to photography, I'm not quite sure what you can sell or provide. Courses? Ebooks? Selling stock photos? Photography basics?
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    Photography is over saturated right now. This is not just what photographers tell me. I did notice a dip in sales on my stock photo sales due to an over abundance of images. It is hard to stand out as the competition keeps on increasing. Also, what sites pay me; frankly, that is not going up. Still, they do raise prices. Credits are now more expensive.

    However, all is not lost, I did notice you are also interested in weight loss and health issues. The um Cod Liver Oil niche is heating up. Hey, it turns out Vitamin D deficiency is linked to Alzheimers so you can finally get even. After all, granny made you drink cod liver oil when you were a little one. Remember years ago... how you had to drink it every morning. Well, now you can give some to granny.
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    The weight loss and photography industries are huge with intense competition, but there is still an opportunity for newcomers to earn money. Those opportunities can be uncovered through long tail keyword research.

    In every niche, there are tons of low competition keywords that won't give you a hard time while trying to rank for them.
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    Originally Posted by Jamie Mendez View Post

    hey guys i want to know your opinion about the photography niche and the weight loss niche for a begginner
    Both niches are popular. When it comes to weight loss, I've seen lots of people promoting particular fitness products by tracking their journeys using their program of choice. I also know that stuff in the photography niche can get really expensive, so you could make some really good commissions on that stuff. Plus, there's the opportunity to promote promote related items that your potential customer might also need.

    If I were going to choose between the two niches and were just starting out, I would pick the one that I knew the most about. You'll already be familiar with a lot of the products and will be more easily able to connect with your audience. When I first got started, I worked in a niche that was related to my major in college.

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      Keep in mind photography and weight loss are not niches.They are markets.

      A niche in the Photography market.
      For example, action photography, beach wedding photography, glamor shot photography, aerial photography, real estate photography,etc.

      A niche in the Weight loss market.
      For example, weight loss for senior women, weight loss for diabetics, weight loss for children, weight loss for handicapped, weight loss for post pregnant mothers, etc.

      As many have mentioned in this thread. Both photography and weight loss markets are crowded. But I guarantee you there's a niche in it that isn't.

      The only niches that are saturated are the ones where the market has no more problems to solve or no more room for improvement. I've yet to find one of those.
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    If you can get them to your site, the money is your's. And if you know how to convert them into sales, the niche is your's. You can succeed in both. Be a good marketer and go where your ideal prospect is likely to be at. People will give you all kinds of crazy niche selling ideas, but just keep it simple. If you want to experiment in the photography and weight loss niche... then do it. There your real answer will be.
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  • Photography could work. Big audience, what would you sell is the main thing

    Health is great.

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    I love this niche, but stock photo pays pennies. I made a grand total of $1.50 this year. Also, they demand the latest and greatest camera. OK so mine is 20 MP and cost me almost 1000 dollars, but is still not considered pro. Hard way to make some money.
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      Why did you pick these two markets? Do you have specific skills, experience, education, or knowledge in these areas? Or did you just hear that they were money-makers?

      I say, go into something where you have an advantage and can create a unique position for your product/service business.

      I like the approach where you don't try to compete with all the other businesses in the market since many of them are already established, have a pool of clients, and are meeting some kind of demand.

      I suggest you do some market research into areas/topics where you have a head start because you have experience, knowledge, training or education in some aspect of that subject.

      I also suggest you search for and learn where there is already demand in the marketplace. If you can find specific demand and also match that demand with some advantage you have over others, you will be in the very best position to create or "carve out" your very own niche.

      When you create your own niche (rather than attempting to enter and intrude on someone else's niche) you are in an enviable situation because you can position your business in a unique way so that you don't have direct competition - you're not competing with thousands of other vendors all selling the same type of solutions.

      Niches are not sub-markets or long tail topics. They are holes or voids in a market with a demand that you fill with your own products and services.

      The very best to you,


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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        I am a cinematographer/Videographer of over 10 years experience and feel I could add some value to the IM/MMO Niche through teaching how to craft compelling sales videos which elevate the status of product owners/affiliates. Is there any value in a product of this type or is the market saturated like photography? I want to add value so if any areas are required please let me know and I can develop that training :-)
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    If these areas are where you have interest and knowledge I would say go for it... if you are just picking them out of a hat, maybe reconsider options a little more closely related to your areas of interest AND knowledge.

    Additionally, try and find a more specific area to focus in each of those --

    Photography -- portraits, black and white, landscapes, etc
    Weight Loss - natural, exercise, stay at home moms, college students, outdoor adventurer, couch potato, etc.

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    Put your mundane and busy work tasks on auto pilot.

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    there is no saturated market, there are always blue sea market arises from the red sea.
    such as a niche for lose weight :
    you could google it and check if it's the right one.
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      besides, if you want know which field has more niche, here is a good graph:
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        I agree with "there's no such thing as a saturated market." I used to try go after long tail keywords, smaller niches, etc. but less traffic means less income - and this really only matters if you're doing SEO for traffic.

        I wanna say this again, because people seem to think that to succeed you have to find a market where there is little competition to compete successfully. This only matters if you're doing SEO to rank your site on Google for traffic.

        If you're paying for traffic, you can drive thousands of people to your site tomorrow and if you have a good product and good conversions, you CAN complete in competitive markets.

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