My Gmail Account Has Been Hacked -Please Help!

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I have not yet recovered from this shock, I feel like someone broke into my house.

I discovered this morning that someone hacked my gmail account from my main blog (under a pen-name) and emailed a spam mail to the complete contact list.

I immediately changed the password and sent an email to the complete list, explaining what happened.

While sending out this explanation email, I noticed that several providers had already blacklisted me.

The spam mail points to this domain true-money . com / jadver. There is a full info of the owner in the whois-database.

I also have the IP from which the emails were send.

The damage with my contact list is most likely damaged irreparably.

What should I do and more importantly: Have I missed something?

I think there is no personal information under this account, no paypal, no addresses, no other passwords (it was the account of a pen-name).

Please help, I'm devastated, need your advice.

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    This is happening to quite a few people.

    Read this:

    Make sure domains haven't been transferred/redirected, credit cards and anything else you use Gmail as primary contact hasn't been compromised.

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      I'm already checking everything.

      The thing is, I've switched to "always use https" weeks ago (since I've read your post).

      True is my password was very weak (an animal + a number), but how did they hack it?
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      posted on the other thread...but I wanted to add:
      with the skill that some of these guys(gals) have...why not put it to better use? they could/should be able to make more money putting their 'talents' to more productive (and legal) uses.
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