Why we find it so hard to get started, why we fail, and how to succeed.

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Hello All,

I've been away from any money making pursuits on the internet for a time, and now I'm back to continue where I left off.

I'd like to share an insight which helped me to immediately find success when I first started in 2011 and again upon my return this July.

In August of 2011 I built my first website. Like so many on the Warrior Forum, I built a blog about making money online even though I had never made any money online. I made my first Clickbank sale in less than 30 days.

I immediately built a second website, a dedicated review site for a single Clickbank product which launched two weeks after I purchased the url product-name-review dot com. I made over $600 on launch day.

I then left internet marketing behind as I found a great job doing what I love. This year I lost that job.

Less than 30 days ago I built my first website in 3 years, and I made my first Clickbank sale today. What follows is how I did it, but more important will be the perspective offered in the conclusion of this post.
  • My new site is NOT in the make money online niche.
  • It is a simple blog with a catchy name, and the site currently has no email capture.
  • I publish one article every day, and most of the traffic to the blog comes from Google.
  • Every Monday and Thursday I publish an article about the blog's niche itself. I do no keyword research for these posts, meaning that I take no consideration into whether these posts attract visitors from search engines.
  • On all other days of the week I publish 1 article promoting an affiliate product (information products only). These articles are keyword optimized for Product Name and Product Name Review. I do not try to rank or optimize for 'Product Name Scam' or 'Product Name Bonus'.
  • I point almost all backlinks to the main site (sitename dot com) and only a few social and video links to each individual article (sitename dot com / product-name-review).
  • I find backlinks wherever I can. Article marketing, social bookmarking, other social links, forum signature and profile links, video links, blog comment links, and anywhere else that I can find. I don't worry at all about anchor text, I just use what feels natural to me.
  • All articles are written in advance and drip fed onto the blog. I have enough articles written to cover me for the next month.
One of the key things to notice about what I've told you so far, is that I may be doing it all wrong. I am not currently collecting emails, I'm not tracking any metrics that would allow me to learn which of my link building methods are most effective or even working at all. This also applies to every other aspect of my blog, not just my link building. I'm not really doing anything that will allow me to learn what is working and what isn't. It is entirely possible that I would be making MUCH more money right now if I were doing something differently.

The point is that I AM doing SOMETHING. I have every intention of correcting the above mentioned errors or inefficiencies, and those are just the ones that I'm aware of. But at least I have gotten the ball rolling.

If you've been a Warrior Forum member or lurker for at least 1 month, and you're desperate to make you're first dollar online, but just can't seem to make it happen, I am almost positive that you've read about the following things: Personal branding via a personal blog, review websites, adsense, product creation, product launches, amazon affiliation, email capture, email marketing, sales funnels, the ability to sell your knowledge in the WSO forum, and even selling articles on Fiverr or the Warrior Forum. I'm also almost positive that you've read about at least 10 other ways of making money online. You already know all this stuff.


Why don't we get started when we already know what to do? It is because we refuse to do something if it won't yield results, which causes us to spend so much time trying to learn whether or not that thing will yield results, and learning exactly the correct way to do that thing (trying to ensure that it will yield results), that we end up not actually doing anything, guaranteeing that we won't see any results.

Here's the secret that no one ever tells you, and it's also the insight that I promised you in the beginning of this post which has helped me to succeed:

Successful people screw up a lot. As long as you're taking massive action (which really just means busting your behind), then screwing up over and over again is perfectly okay. It may not feel okay at the time, but how happy you are or aren't has zero effect on the consequences of your actions. If you work harder then you ever thought you could and don't ever give up, then your success is incredibly likely.

I hope this helps someone.

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    Some great stuff here.
    Successful people have probably failed more times than most have even tried to get started.

    The best race drivers have crashed more times than I ever will- they are always pushing to the limits.
    The best software developers have created more buggy useless software than anyone- they develop and improve each time though.
    The best footballers have missed more penalties than me- but have scored far more too!!

    The thing is not to give up which your post tells us- only by quitting do we truely fail.

    Good luck on your next business venture!
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    Great advice you must take actions towards your goal.
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    Great post. Definitely true, stay focused and take action.
    All the best for your up coming projects.
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    Okay, I've always been interested in knowing this: How come you don't target any specific keywords and your main traffic source is Google? I mean, if you're using high competition KWs (deliberately or not) how will you get traffic from Google if you're not in the top 10?

    I do believe that a brand-type website is better than an EMD nowadays, because you can target several different keywords in your niche. But how did you get a sale on your launch? How have you made any money without advertising your website, and not targeting specific keywords?

    Anyways the rest of the post gives you a good insight of what we are all capable of and why postponing is time wasting.
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    Great post!
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    Hi! where can i find vendors who have launched 6 figure products? I am a newbie at internet marketing and i am on the verge of creating a website health based niche...

    thank you
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