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Hi all,

I'm about to start developing an idea I have in mind.

I've found a domain I like, but don't know which of the variations to go for, one is the simple ".com" and the other is a ".training"

Basically it would be the same domain e.g:




Which would you go for and why?

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    I would always go for the .com, the other extension are basically worthless and more importantly, people are not used to them.

    This is not a difficult choice in my opinion.
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      Originally Posted by JensSteyaert View Post

      I would always go for the .com, the other extension are basically worthless and more importantly, people are not used to them.

      This is not a difficult choice in my opinion.
      Yeah I was thinking that too.
      Just wanted clarification.

      Thanks a bunch for the response.

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        Don't build a business on a domain-name of which the .com variant belongs to someone else - that's all downside. So, that means you need to own the .com yourself. It's as simple as that.

        If you like the .training one as well, then register it (especially if you don't want anyone else registering it in future).

        Some of my business sites aren't on .com domains, but in those cases I'm still the owner of the .com domain (and I've redirected it to the one I'm actually using so I don't lose any traffic).

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  • i would choose the xxxtraning.com , always better for word of mouth advertisement as it's easy to remember. the moment you include a dot, remembering becomes sticky
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      Originally Posted by citizenoftheweb20 View Post

      i would choose the xxxtraning.com , always better for word of mouth advertisement as it's easy to remember. the moment you include a dot, remembering becomes sticky
      Please excuse my mentioning it, Mr. Citizen, but I think you may have misunderstood Alex: he's not talking about the possibility of adding a folder (by adding a dot).

      ".training" is one of the newly available domain extensions.

      Along with ".shoes" and all those other interesting ones.

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    I agree with Alexa, I would get a .com first build reputation and also get the .training and in the future.
    Redirect your users from .com to the .training site
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    You can register .training if you plan to do long term investment. For now definitely is worthless. But if you register with one work domain like abs.training, this domain may worth 5 figures or more in few more years.
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    I support the .com extension for business. If you would like to do business by this site, you should choose the .com extension. So here I would like to suggest you to choose the xxxxtraining.com


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    .com hands down. Those .vanity domains are not near the value of a .com domain. I wouldn't own one.
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    Couple of things to think about...

    If you simply MUST have a domain name that is not available with the .com extension, consider .training extension.

    Consider how you intend to drive traffic. If organically then.com makes more sense. Paid ads then it doesn't matter.

    My preference would be .com.


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    I agree. Go with the .com version since this is what people are used to. You don't want any misunderstanding when it comes to people that are looking for your site but don't remember if it's xxxtraining.com or xxx.training.

    Make it easy for people to find you by choosing a domain that is sticky and covers the entire purpose of your site. This way they know exactly what to expect when visiting your site.
    Good luck!

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    Originally Posted by wilks3y View Post



    xxxxtraining.com gets my vote. Just sell the product. You aren't tricking anybody online these days. As long as they understand that your site is connected to something that they're interested in, you'll be fine. No need to go for the Holy Grail when selling something online.
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    ok, looks like it is up to me to play devil's advocate.

    I guess it depends on what the xxxx in your example stands for, what your marketing plan is, what your budget is and what your style is.

    We are right now standing near the ledge of a paradigm shift in domain names. If you stand up on your tiptoes and squint your eyes while looking off into the horizon, you may actually see it.

    For the last 20+ years, it has been all about the .com, and to a much lesser extent all of the others.

    However, the floodgates have now been opened, and the day is coming where thousands of new extensions WILL be showing up everywhere. In commercials, in search engines, on packaging, etc.

    We are not quite there yet, but we will get there.

    Once that starts, it won't take long for the public to catch on and accept it.

    Many of the extensions will be commercial disappointments, and it is unclear what will happen if the registries decide to abandon them. That is the big risk.

    The rest of them will settle in as the "new normal" in domain identities, and consumers will get used to using them the same as they have used .com and others up until this point.

    So, what should you do today?

    Do you want to stand out? If you have a quality project, I would not be afraid to utilize a new extension for it. I would get the .com as well, and forward it. But in time, you'll be seen as a trailblazer. Or not. It is a risk.

    But isn't everything we do a risk?

    Why not make a bold, memorable choice? One that helps you stand apart from all the others?

    There is no chance that things are ever going to revert to the old standard, where .com is the only real choice for business. Eventually, people will just pick the extension that fits their niche best.

    Might as well get ahead of it, while your ideal domain exists.
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    I vote for the .com version as well. It's just the path of least resistance because it is known and well-respected by both search engines and people.
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    When it comes to domains I always like to keep them simple so its easy for people to remember them. So, I'd go for the simple .com version.
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    I would choose the .com over the .training because of the popularity of the .com

    Not just the popularity with the people online but also with the search engines and such.

    I have not seen too many people use the long domain extensions like .training

    I guess it is also a bit of a personal choice, to me a .com site right now looks a lot better!

    Maybe in the near future where A LOT more people are using those other type of domain extensions - it might be a good idea.

    Hope this helps!!

    I wish you the best of the best online!

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  • I am speculating but in a few year the .vanity will work people will get it. Say you have a book on Copywriting tips and you send them to Copywriting.tips I don't think in a few years they will type Copywriting.com by mistake, I think the .tips will work. But I could be wrong, I'm just saying it could work and I think it will.
    soon people... Relax...
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    I would go for the .com domain name, normal people only know few extensions and I am sure that they are not aware about .training or .ninja, etc.
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    If you think to have "training" in your domain name why not to reserve .training as well. I mean it's like investing in your brand. You will also not let others misuse your main keyword whatever XXXX is. But of course you prior domain should be .com Needless to repeat all said above.

    But still I think .training will add value to your portfolio in case, for example, you consider selling your project.

    So, go ahead and get both.
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      I vote for "get both", but establish your website on the .com
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