Try to sell a product o try to create a list?

by alesh
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Hi, I created 1 new site in a competitive niche.

If I want traffic now I need to use Pay Traffic Source, for free I can have only few visits (10 per day) without convert in a list.

So what can I do? If I need to pay for traffic is better for create a list or sell something? Or both?
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    Sell something to recoup your expenses, and collect email addresses in the meantime.

    So it works like that:

    Send (paid or free) traffic to squeeze page -> Squeeze page has a bribe (lead magnet) that viewer can get if he/she enters his email address -> Subscriber is directed to your offer that you're selling upon joining your list.

    If viewer does not enter email address and exits, have an exit pop and you can direct the traffic to your paid offer, or even to another bribe to collect his/her email address.

    Following that, you send these new subscribers on your list offers to make more money off them.

    If you don't have a nice sales funnel up already, i don't really advice you to go for paid traffic. It's like flushing money down the toilet.
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    When you sell your own products online...


    Never let your customers buy and then leave for good.

    Organize them onto a separate BUYERS list and then look
    to add more products into your funnel as you're building your lists.

    That is how you fully MAXIMIZE your earnings per subscriber or
    buyer that enters your sales funnel.

    Of course you can use affiliate products.

    But the best way to build a REAL and sustainable business is to
    sell your own products online and build a buyers list.
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  • Paid ads is the fastest way to scale for sure but also having that site or blog posts ranking on Serps properly is long term and targeted.

    Paid ads are generalized opportunity seekers and freebie needers as well.

    The trick is how to turn them into buyers.

    As mentioned above having a list is a must by providing something so valuable that the traffic would want to give you their email and become a lead.

    Your lead shouldn't have to think or feel spammed when you market to them because they know you provide genuine value. So selling doesn't become selling but it becomes recommendations and help in order for them to reach the success like you had.

    Blog posts does take time to rank so applying it with forum marketing, email marketing, youtube marketing is perfect way to get organic traffic targets.

    Now to scale bigger using 70-80% of your profits back into your business is crucial by using solo ads and facebook ppc and even wso.

    This is what I do daily for my business and what my student do as well.

    Practicing this daily will ensure success sooner or later as you get better and more skilled in marketing.

    Need a Coach to generate leads and TRIPLE your online business income?
    Let me Inspire and Empower You!
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    Remember: Your FIRST PRIORITY is to always be
    building your opt-in list.

    You can do that through your free offer and have a
    one time offer after a subscriber joins your list.

    Or you can have a paid product that's well created
    and charge a fair price to build a buyers list.

    It's ALL about list building. Without a list you have
    no money.

    Chat soon
    FREE: "How To Make $200 A Day Online Fast!"

    **Click here to download!
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    I hope you don't mind me asking this, but why would you pay for traffic if the free traffic isn't converting?

    First of all, you need a list to market to over and over again. You would be crazy to let a shot like that go. Look at it like this: would you rather have a list and promote several products and/or services to that list OR would you like to pay for traffic per product/service of choice and keep struggling?

    You need to know if your offer is converting first. No matter if you choose to offer a paid offer first or give away a freebie. You then focus on where your audience hangs out to test the traffic and see if your offer is converting. If it's converting because people are opting in, you can then decide to use paid traffic sources to expand your list and start selling.

    Good luck!

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    I would say create a list, and then sell to them. Don't just lead them to your sales page - even if your product price is low. Takes just as much work to sell something for free as it is to sell something for money. Don't ever underestimate the task. Take your time, get to know your niche, and get them to sign up to your email newsletter.
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    Thanks for the reply!

    Do you suggest to link to squeeze page if I use paid traffic sources?
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    If you’re not building an email list, you’re making a HUGE mistake. Definitely use a capture/squeeze page, a good email list is gold
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    Paid traffic always gets you results faster.

    Free traffic takes time and you benefit from it in the long run (think big picture)
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    You could do BOTH.

    You can sell something and ask to opt-in in order to buy or offer something for free in exchange for the email.

    You can create a nice Video Intro with a Capture Form below it - you can sell something or offer a freebie.

    Doing this is a good way to make money and also build an email list. A buyers list is one of the best lists you can build. Once people buy from you, they are more likely to buy from you again.

    With a nice offer and a nice product (with a profitable price) - you can send good Targeted Traffic, get leads, make sales, and re-invest back into traffic to keep the cycle going!

    Just my 2cents!

    I wish you the best of the best!!

    At the beginning, I thought making money online with a blog was super super hard. Not anymore. Learn the art of making money online blogging - step by step - HERE.
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    I don't get this. You said you want to go for paid traffic because you don't have traffic on a site that's in a super competitive niche? What do you want the traffic for if you already are not selling anything there and making money (or have plans for it)?

    If you don't have any plans for selling anything in the first place, why send traffic at all?
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    Without a list you will always be forced to have to keep launching products to make money.

    You need to build a list. But the best type of list you can build is a list of buyers.

    So sell products and build that buyers list.
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    Originally Posted by alesh View Post

    Hi, I created 1 new site in a competitive niche.

    If I want traffic now I need to use Pay Traffic Source, for free I can have only few visits (10 per day) without convert in a list.

    So what can I do? If I need to pay for traffic is better for create a list or sell something? Or both?
    Why not do both at the same time?

    The more you build relationship with your prospects, the more they want to buy from you.

    Recognize your market.

    Talk with your market.

    Then sell your product.

    That's how it goes.
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    huh it doesnt add up
    you create a list to sell products to your list right? its no choice.
    create a list then sell products to them, its your only way

    Or do you mean a real product in the homepage?
    My help to you is this. Thinking about making money on a brand new site is suicide, this is where most newbies fail a lot!

    When you get a site make sure to get a lot of content and start selling when you have 3-10k unique organic traffic. What im doing for my sites when im low on traffic is that i push them to a list while they're still building or to an FB fanpage, twitter and social. My way to earn here is through ADS nothing else and its giving good sums of money

    Selling goes later part in the game and it goes automatically when your readers loves your post. Dont push for sales and it will come rushing for you
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