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Hey Guys,

I know this should really go in the Adsense / PPC / SEO Discussion Forum. However, I already posted a thread there ( and the only responses I got re-directed me to Google help pages. I had already checked the Google help pages prior to creating this thread and there is nothing on there to help me.

I have also been in touch with Google via email. Their responses have been largely unhelpful asking me what the problem is, telling me the box is working and can I specify the problem further, asking again what the problem is etc. Therefore, I've come to the main Warrior Forum page in seek of help.

Basically, I have added an Adsense for search box in the right hand sidebar of my Free Fitness Tips blog (The Free Fitness Tips Blog | Free, Impartial Fitness Advice). I tried to get it displaying on my own pages at first but I was having problems so eventually opted to display the results on a Google page. The search box IS returning the correct results. However, no adverts or custom logos are being displayed as they should be.

Has anyone had similar problems to this and if so could you give me some advice and help me solve my problem? Look forward to hearing from you guys.

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