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by pasin
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Hello everybody, i am new to interne marketing , i know nothing about it. I would like to start with it. Can you pls suggest me what to start with, but remember i dont have much money to spend, but i have a lot of time to spend reading and i am willing to learn. Thanx
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  • Pasin,

    What do you want to do so as to earn income from an Internet marketing venture?
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    Originally Posted by pasin View Post

    Hello everybody, i am new to interne marketing , i know nothing about it. I would like to start with it. Can you pls suggest me what to start with, but remember i dont have much money to spend, but i have a lot of time to spend reading and i am willing to learn. Thanx
    Just keep reading this forum and you should get all kinds of ideas.
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    Find out about different models you can use, then pick a single method you believe you'll enjoy and stick to, then go do it.

    Personally, I'd say you have to focus on selling a product (ideally your own) or service.

    And there's one thing that's probably going to be the back bone of your business it's an email list.
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    Get a mentor. You will save a boatload of frustration

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      Originally Posted by seekdefo View Post

      Get a mentor. You will save a boatload of frustration
      I couldn't have said it better myself.
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    We all have been new in IM. Just find something that you want to learn and read more and more about it. I will suggest you to learn how to setup blogs, how to make SEO for it and monetize that with Adsense, affiliate offers and CPA.
    but take them one by one.
    To be easy make yourself a list.
    1. Setup website
    2. SEO
    and start to learn one by one. Don't jump in all at the same time because will be to much for you. Many new guys fail in this because is too much information.

    Hope this will help you.
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    It's all about selling buddy at the end of the day. Find something that interests you and you can keep doing on a regular basis - it'd be great if you have a skill that you can sell, eg - web design, content writing, graphic design and logo design etc.

    Start selling a service for money on freelance sites and forums and earn some money. Once you have enough spend that on creating sales pages/squeeze pages and send traffi to them and sell affiliate products to a list.

    There's a lot to learn and the good part is, most of the information you'll ever need is available for free. Just keep your eye peeled and your ears open.
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    Welcome Pasin, let me congratulate you on joining the warrior forum and reaching out to us asking for some advice. Like many of my fellow posters we have been where you are right now. Its can be very daunting and overwhelming. However it can be very rewarding and certainly satisfying to see your hard work paying off. It personally took me about a week or so before I earned my first $$ but the feeling tou get is amazing.

    Like my fellow Warriors, I have helped many who are new to those industry because I believe in sharing knowledge and experiences. I dont want you to be another statistic, I want you to come back on here and shout out about your success. I want to provide you with knowledge that will change your life.

    Okay ready to start????

    Write down why your doing this, list what motivating you to explore this industry. Once done place it where you can see it each day. THIS WILL KEEP YOU MOTIVATED

    set out realistic daily objectives. Remember to add breaks if its going to be a long day. My suggestion doing 3 2hour stints is better than doing a 1 6hour stint. Why??? Can you stay motivated and focused for that long? In between the 3 2hour stint look to have an hour away from it. Completely remove yourself from it. I.e go for a walk etc....

    Focus and master one aspect before moving on. Keep things simple and understand the method. By doing this not only will you be effective and efficient in this method, hence maximise your chances of making profit but it will also stop you from wasting valuable money. Many new people chase new shiny things that promises easy money. There no easy way to make money.

    Be realistic in your goals. Its not a sprint but its a marathon. Be happy to start earning small amounts and grow from there. You be suprised to see how quickly momentum can kick in and you begin to build a reputation for yourself.

    Be prepared to fail. Im not being pessimistic here. Im just being real. Honestly is the best policy. Its okay to fail as long as you learn from it and never repeat. Im not ashamed to admit that I myself failed at first and I failed because I didnt have the understanding of business and what I needed to do to be successful. I reflected and understood what changes I had to make. In hindsight im glad I failed because it made me respect the business more but also made me more committed and determined to make it happen. Ive gone from a $200 a week person to $2000 in 5months because I never gave up.

    Dont be afraid to ask questions or feedback. Most successful people strive to self improve. This is me and hopefully this is you.

    Be prepared to spend a bit to earn a lot. I dont care what anyone says you need to speculate to e cumulate. I personally would spend any more than $120 but realise that spending that much can be difficult as most people starting off have very limited funds to start off with. When you find something you want to spend money on then make sure you research it properly before committing.

    Hope this helps. Please dont hesitate to hook up if you have anymore questions. I be more than happy to help.

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    Originally Posted by pasin View Post

    but remember i dont have much money to spend,
    When you decide that you will do what ever it takes to succeed, you will have to invest money to make money.

    Many of the people online who are really successful, have all started with $0 but they did one thing that many struggling marketers are not willing to do and that is to invest money to make money.
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      I'd consider affiliate marketing. It's one of the best ways to make money off of others experience, expertise and efforts. Especially, if you have no experience and little or no money.

      Here's why ...
      • Many of the top companies will train you in the basics.
      • It gives you a chance to learn while you earn!
      • Most provide you with sales materials!
      • Most provide you with support, should you have any questions!
      • Many even provide a web page or website to you!
      • You can choose a company that match your personal interest!

      And much more!

      Like me, affiliate marketing is probably where most of the people who've given you advice in this thread started.
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    Just make sure you don't read too much. You have to take action at some point.
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    Spend some time learning affiliate marketing or some kind of CPL/CPA programs. In the meantime make sure you put together some money, which you will use later for traffic.
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    I share the same sentiments being a newbie to IM. So much to learn and try out new ways to get the right results.
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  • find good video training on youtube and jump on other markers list to see what they are doing so you can have an idea

    David Oriol
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    Start implementing as soon as you decide upon what you're interested in.
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    Welcome. You will find many different ways of making money on this forum. It can be confusing. I like the recommendation to find one that you like and stick with it until you learn it and see results.

    Keep your first goals simple. Start with earning $100 a day and once that is achieved add a zero and so on.

    You will find many people online offering instant riches. Ignore them. They will simply suck your money away, with empty promises.

    You can build a solid income online. It does take work and persistence, like any legitimate business.

    You will get there, if you stay focused.

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  • Take time to read all your options in internet marketing and choose the one that you think you have the passion of doing long term.

    Start by finding relevant forums and blogs. There are also tons of free resources online especially tutorials on internet marketing. Reading a lot of information can really get you ahead.

    Then if you've decided what course to take, it is always best to apply the things you've learned. Do not just settle on reading and not doing it. Just do it and take time to learn one step at a time.
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    Always remember when you learn something just implement it in action which will lead you to success.
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  • I suggest finding a mentor and save yourself trouble. Grab testimonials and see if theyre legit. See if their business model is good fit for you.

    Learn 20% and act 80%. Experience is the best teacher so dont be afraid to mess stuff up.

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    Hi, welcome and good luck.

    You say you have time, but no money to invest. So take this tip serious: Don't read WSOs or don't read offers that want money from you. You will waste your time and won't learn anything! It will only confuse you.

    Read on: How to start a blog, what is affiliate marketing, what is listbuilding, how to market your affiliate links, etc.

    thats the stuff you should focus on.

    good luck and keep it up
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    I suggest you look in the freebies section for free ebooks about how to make money with Internet Marketing. There are many Warrior members on here who have written free Ebooks on the subject.
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  • Do something that will make you some quick money. For example, going onto Fiverr and earning a quick $40-$50 bucks in your first few days could be great for your experience level and just getting started. This allows for you to really get into it without having to do lots of guesswork or investing.

    And yes, learn about the basics of list building. Get the gist of it, and then continue to learn by beginning to invest in a website, hosting, and autoresponder. You want to start off small and begin from there.
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    Originally Posted by pasin View Post

    Hello everybody, i am new to interne marketing , i know nothing about it. I would like to start with it. Can you pls suggest me what to start with, but remember i dont have much money to spend, but i have a lot of time to spend reading and i am willing to learn. Thanx
    You could start by using the "search" function here on the forum and search for answers for the questions that you have. You should also check out some of the free WSO's. If you are going to buy something, i would recommend an autoresponder and a website - and then use the information on this forum to guide you step by step. And then play with it for a while until you have the process down paced. You will be enthused when you get your first lead. If all out fails.... hire a consultant.
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    I started with Affiliate Marketing and Direct Sales in 2007/2008. Then shifted to Offline Marketing to business owners in 2008 Full Time. Start out with something you like to never know where it will lead you.

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    I'm also new to IM and this forum. You guys are posting a lot of good stuff here, but could you maybe recommend any free material to read for a newbie that skips the irrelevant stuff? Right now I'm reading the "100$ startup" and that's more motivation then practical tips in my opinion.

    You guys are also talking about getting a mentor, is there a special section in this forum for this?

    I already have an idea with 2 other guys and it's going to be some affiliate marketing with specific clothing. If it's easier to understand what sort of information I need to know.

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    I always love seeing new people carefully enter the internet marketing industry!
    First of all welcome and nice to meet you. Basically everyone who posted before me said it: this is an awesome forum where you will find a lot of free information. Take a look at what interests you and read all about it!

    The best way to get started is make a decision first. There are so many ways to make money online, that there has to be a point where you have to decide and stick with it.

    Shiny object syndrome is just around the corner, especially when you hit a few roadblocks.
    Besides reading and learning about your chosen niche, it's time to take consistent action. That will eventually make you the most money.
    So... choose a niche, decide if you want to promote other people's products or sell your own, learn how to drive traffic to a website and let's get cracking. Every day!

    Good luck!

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    I suggest you to learn some basics of Internet marketing, you can google it!
    Then go to Warrior Special Offer section of warriorforum and order some useful wso's and take action.
    You will earn money online easily within weeks!
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  • Start making a lost of things you actually like. You have to sell something if you want to market on the internet so start brainstorming what products you'd like to sell. These can be your own or someone else's. There are several different business models you can choose too so research which model you think will best suit you and stick to that.
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    I would buy E-book for 10.00 somewhere on this site. They are all over the place. Read it and learn, do not keep buying endless supplies of e-books. You can sell anything online you just have know your market.
    Let me if you need any help.

    Mike Schlecht

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    I recommend you study list building, affiliate marketing, and free traffic generation. Then once you get some success with that business model, you want to learn about product creation, paid traffic, and copywriting.
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