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by rcvnb
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Any body , using hostgator services , has taken SSL certificate(s) from them?
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    I haven't bought any SSL certificate from Hostgator but it probably makes no difference where you get it from. An SSL certificate is an SSL certificate. If you don't like Hostgator, you can buy from another company.
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    I havent. I used to own a site in the past, and i got my SSL certificate from Verisign and Comodo. Easy installation - especially if you dont know anything about servers, ftp, certificates, and internet information services (IIS). But it doesn't matter if you get the SSL cert from Hostgator. You can get it from any reputable SSL provider. They will help you install it too.
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    I don't doubt their credentials. They are good.

    Anybody having their Baby Plan, obtained SSL certificate from them?
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    Do you have a specific question about their SSL certificates?

    I'm not really sure how simply knowing if someone else has gotten an SSL from them will do you any good...
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    Yes I have a couple of specific questions about SSL certificate. But they are specific to Baby Plan of Hostgator.
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    I would NOT suggest using a host for domains, and that includes SSL.
    Use Namecheap instead.
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    guys why do you buy ssl certificates from hostgator ? You can get them from Namecheap or Comodo itself for $9 or so..

    * If you need any help in installing or configuring SSL certificates hit me a msg.
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    Please don't get a SSL cert from a webhost especially from Hostgator. If can, get it from Namecheap and they're reliable too. Try to get your hosting from a non-EIG host. So that, you will be in much safer position in the future.
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    NameCheap has been one of the best places to get SSL Certificates, they partner with many big names, and offer them on a really good prices.
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    If you are in doubt about using hostgator SSL, then you can purchase from another place, namecheap has affordable SSL certificates and good reputation, I have purchased my SSL from them and had no issues with them or with the SSL certificate at all.
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    I have had a few dramas with HG, but I am hearing they are cleaning up the act a bit. So good to see...lots of good explanations above for you.
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    I used hostgator and taken the SSL from them once. Was easy and no fuss in taking from them.

    They offer free the basic one. Offcourse with Busness Plan.
    Signature - Upto 75% Discount on SSL Certificates & Website Scanner. If you don't find what you looking for, raise a support query and we will get you that SSL Certificate.
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    I have a baby plan from Hostgator & having 4 sites. To have SSL certificates for 4 sites, Hostgator has advised me to buy SSL for multi domains & that cost 150$ a year.

    For their Business plan they offer one free SSL. I am having 4 sites, so need 4 SSL certificates - hence they are advising me to buy SSL for multidomains.
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    Hostgator is not taking SSL certificates. They are taking dedicated IP addresses if they don't have a SSL Certificate.

    There is no need to have a SSL certificate unless your are transferring some kind of sensitive data. A key is passed with the packets of data so only the receiver can open the data. This prevents hackers from siphoning data from your transmission.

    Hostgator must be running low on IP addresses so they are reclaiming IP addresses that do not have a SSL certificate. I believe if you do nothing your site will be given a shared IP address and will work normally.

    I hope this has been helpful,
    Steve Yakim
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    Always gotten my SSL's from Godaddy. Only thing I have with them. Though seems like the prices vary.
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    Get it at Lowest price, so if they are offering at the lowest price, go with them.
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    Checkout to get an ssl certificate. You will get best price and experts support ever.
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