How to Setup WishList Upsells with JVZoo?

by dbong
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Hey guys, would anyone explain how I would accomplish the following?

I'm using WishList Member on my site and I will be launching a product (PRODUCT 1) with a couple OTO's. Here's what I want to do:
  1. Buyer purchases PRODUCT 1 (comes with members area containing download link for product)
  2. Buyer is presented OTO
  3. Buyer purchases OTO
  4. The OTO is added to their order and the OTO download page is made accessible within their members area

Basically, what I want to accomplish is an upgraded account within the sales funnel. How do I do this and prevent two accounts from being created (one for PRODUCT 1 and one for the OTO)? I just want one account made with all of their purchased products.

**Of course I would like this done all within the sales funnel to track affiliate commissions.


If this helps, I currently have PRODUCT 1 and the OTO set up as two different levels within WishList. I would want the levels to combine upon purchase of the OTO.
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