PLR articles- still worth it?

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I mean, its such a saturated market now that I wonder if there is any need to go through that route again. What have you done (or think you can do) with PLR articles to make the most out of them?
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  • Do you mean selling them or buying them?

    Either way, you have to be really experienced if you want to make a good amount of cash from plr articles, but even then, it is not exactly impossible if you really want to make money from it. Both people who sell prl articles and those who buy them and use them for content can make money from them form a ton of sources. It's all about doing what works.
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      Originally Posted by internetmarketer1 View Post

      Do you mean selling them or buying them?
      I assume that if u buy them, it's probably because you plan to use them to earn an income?

      Originally Posted by internetmarketer1 View Post

      Its all about doing what works
      Question is, what is it that works and what doesn't anymore?
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        Originally Posted by twranks View Post

        Question is, what is it that works and what doesn't anymore?
        What works? Extremely high quality, original content.

        What doesn't? Cheap, spun or rewritten junk content. I'd say the majority of recycled PLR articles would fall under this category.
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    If you are buying PLR, most of it have to be redone completely. If you are selling PLR, then there is always room for more. You will differentiate yourself by providing BETTER QUALITY and better service at a better price.

    You can also differentiate yourself by just focusing on one popular niche as opposed to being everything to every one.
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    Originally Posted by twranks View Post

    I mean, its such a saturated market

    What is saturated, that we don't need any more of, is the rehashed, low quality junk that is dumped on the market by clueless sellers.

    Still in demand is new, creative, top quality material by talented writers.

    There really is a world of difference!


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    For a second, let's pretend that someone hired you to write an article for their upscale, high traffic blog. To what standards would you need to write to get paid? Those are the same standards you should be using when writing PLR for sale. When you use this standard of high quality, you can charge more money and get more sales. Of course, this will take longer, but since you are providing the best of the best for your niche in PLR, you can expect to earn more than someone offering cheap/spun articles with little or no valuable content and poor wrtiting style.
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      PLR works great as a basis for a re-write. I do it all the time thank you. Just don't try to buy it and use it "as is".
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        Originally Posted by cborgrx View Post

        Just don't try to buy it and use it "as is".
        I've sold a bunch of "out of the box" PLR. You only have to change it if you are trying to sell it to people who know what it is and how to get it.

        The majority of people who I sell PLR products to don't know it's PLR or even what PLR is.

        Once again it seems important to note: There is a world of IM beyond the MMO market. What is "necessary" in MMO, is not, in most other markets.
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    PLR articles still work. As long as you're offering quality content, you'll benefit from using this system. If you're thinking about selling PLR, make your offer available to a limited number of people. Don't give away more than 100 copies. If you're buying PLR, make sure you purchase content only from reputable sellers. Request a sample before buying and try to find out how many copies are being sold.
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      For me, plr articles still gets me the traffic I want over the years. Each time there was an algorithm change or some policy or rules take effect, i will be testing out in different ways how can I still use plr articles to maximize my coverage and still get the same amount of traffic that I had earlier.

      However if you are the lazy type, not thinking of putting effort in rewriting, then forget about it. If you treat them right, you will indeed get the results that you want, no matter how old the plr article is.

      My 2 cents
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    PLR articles are still awesome in my opinion, especially really high quality packs, I use PLR quite often for ideas, rewriting, autoresponder content and sometimes even to make a quick free report or ebook. Although there is a lot of really poor written PLR, if you buy from a seller that is reputable in the industry, like Tiffany Lambert amongst others, it is still a great route
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    You will still find warriors here who sell quality plr packs.
    Get one and rewrite each article in your own words, it really would not take long. Or if you wanted to write and sell your own high quality plr article packs you can, alot of people here still buy and use them. It can be a real time saver if your wondering what to write about in your niche everday.
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