Is there a wordpress plugin that...

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tells me how many times one of my add banners gets clicked? I am just using a normal widget at the moment that links to another site (not a site I own). I would like to know myself how many click through the banners on my site get.
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  • I think I did have a plugin like that before but I haven't checked up on that one site in a long time. It definitely made a big difference to help me see how many clicks it got. I'll try and find it somewhere.
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    I use Pretty Link Lite for that. Pretty Link tracks hits and unique hits to specific urls, so you can change the target URL with pretty link in the ad and track it that way.

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    I'm a big fan of Pretty Link - so I'll jump in and add to the accolades... I use Pretty Link on all my sites, if you aren't tracking everything, you have no idea what's working.

    Track incoming traffic sources too... not just outgoing links...
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      Another vote for Pretty Link here.
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    I agree with everyone on Pretty Link, it is a good plugin that I am using and it is doing the job right.
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      If pretty link is anything like I suspect it is, it's probably doing server-side tracking of the link clicks. This actually skews your click data, since unless the plugin is constantly updating user-agent and IP tables which are linked to known crawlers and bots, it'll track them as clicks too.

      Better to use something like Google Analytics (or preferrably, Piwik) which is javascript-based, which means the script must load as part of the DOM (browser page load) and not simply from a GET header request, which could originate from anywhere, even an automated script.

      Side-note: I say preferrably use Piwik because I don't think it's prudent to give Google more data than they already have about your traffic, bounce rate, pages crawled, time on site etc. Call me paranoid, but I have no doubt that they'll use that data against you if they deem fit (assuming you're trying to rank organically, or using Google Adwords)

      With Piwik or Google Analytics, you can create individual goals for each banner (or group of banners) and track the clicks by adding onclick events into the link.
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