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Hello fellow Warriors,

I've been looking for a good micro niche to take for a while now. And I think I finally found one that is worth a try at very least. I would call that niche a 'Chinese cuisine' .It's a certain type of cuisine which is relatively unknown now and it has 9,000 monthly searches and really low competition. The first page of Google only consists of I'd say low quality and poor design restaurant web pages with PR0 or PR1 and Wikipedia result that explains what type of cuisine is that comes on top.

So, the question is - is it possible to rank high and reach #1 with an info site (explaining everything there is to know about that cuisine and maybe putting a list of restaurants which offer that), trying to monetize it with AdSense and most probably Amazon Affiliate offers.

What would you do? Would you try to make it #1 on this keyword or would you pass on to something different?
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  • If your goal was to use it for Adsense, I would say no, it is not worth it.

    However, if you want, you could try writing about cuisines on the website, and then selling some ad space for local Chinese cuisine restaurants. Of course, It can be hard to do offline marketing with this, so I would say create the site and get it ranking. There must be some people in the Chinese Cuisine niche who would be willing to pay for as space to get 9,000 additional potential views to their website.

    You could sell Chinese stuff there too if you'd like. Not too sure what you could sell, but go to Clickbank and look for any products that may be suitable for that niche.
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    I think the two variables here are 1) your level of expertise with and passion for the subject matter and 2) your definition of "worth it".

    If you are planning to get rich off the site, then I'd agree with internetmarketer1 that it's probably not worth it.

    BUT if you love this cuisine and know a lot about it (therefore making it relatively easy to create content) and wouldn't sniff at $100/mo (or less) in AdSense income, then maybe it IS worth it.

    Another way to monetize would be to sell an ebook cookbook you write.

    I've created a number of sites over the years that don't create a ton of money individually, but in when you add it all up ...
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