Getting started with my very first product. Approach suggestions?

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I'm going to create a product where I interview zazzle pro-seller's on their methods, tactics, and marketing strategies. I'm going to create a single-page website sales page and I'm not sure how I should approach it exactly.

Since it's my first product launch, I don't have ANY product reviews to entice people to purchase my product. I haven't made a name for myself yet so how do I get people to trust me from this sales page? Any ideas or suggestions.

Any and all feedback will be much appreciated.

Thank you
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    Why don't you try to sell the 'idea' for the product before you bother creating it?

    Who do you know who really cares about "zazzle pro-sellers"?

    If you implement into your product things people are definitely wanting, you can find ways to sell it to a few people and build up your reviews, case studies and testimonials once you show you can provide value to people you already have contact with.

    By the way, if you are interviewing people who have lists, you can let them promote it for you assuming they get something attractive out of the deal.

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    I agree with David.

    I would do some more market research before creating the product and make sure there is actually a decent sized market of people who would be willing to spend money on that product.
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    Some good places to look at market research is take a look at warrior+, Affiliates/offers then look though the listings and see if any of the offers that have sold over 500 are your type of product. Also, take a look at the bestseller in your niche on the Kindle ebook store and see if any of those ebooks are on your topic..

    You can also take a look at Clickbank and see if there are any products like yours there and if they have a gravity over about 50.

    These are all clues as to whether you are creating a product in a niche that has willing buyers.

    Your product should solve a burning need that people cannot find a ready made solution and that lots of people are desperate for a solution. Ideally, of course.

    For me, my passion in a topic comes after all of these other criteria.
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    Why don't you use those interviews to get your name out first? This way people will start trusting you to provide solid content. After you've grown your own audience, you can then focus on creating your own product.

    Use the above platforms to find out what people want to learn more about. Which questions do they have? Start creating a list of questions you now KNOW people want to have answered.

    Good luck!

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    A good way is to either build a list first by giving away something of value for free and then when you do decide to launch your new product you will then have a list there ready to market to which will already know you to some degree

    Otherwise just jump in at the deep end and sell your product as your front end offer on your thank you page

    You may not have a big name yet but every one starts somewhere

    Sell your product on the next page after they opt in and a certain percentage of those opt ins will purchase your product right away

    It might only be 1 out of 100 it could be 3 out of 100 or 5 or 10 but the important thing is you are building a list of buyers and you are starting to make some money

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