Looking for a programmer for JV opportunity

by KimW 4 replies
Basically I need someone willing to create a program, a desktop application, in exchange for a share of the potential profits.
This is a piece of information I copied to show you the potential market:
" 26 million Americans have [_ _ _] and another 20 million more are at increased risk. "

I was talking to a representative of a company that has an financial interest in the above population and told him about a product I was working on having created. He got excited when I told him what it was and he said that his company would probably be interested in purchasing the program once it was ready.

Now, the question is, why am I going this route instead of someplace like rentacoder or elance? It's simple, as has been detailed in another thread , I'm broke. I have health issues that forced me to close my business back in May of this year. Just last week I received a $30,000 medical bill and until I get approved for disability which can take 6 months or longer, I have no funds for a place like rentacoder or elance.

I believe that the program wont be that difficult to create, I believe that the selling price would be under $20 for optimal sales, but because of the potential market I feel there is still potential for a nice profit to share with someone.

If anyone is interested feel free to PM me. Before I actually tell anyone what the project is I would fax a NDA to have signed and faxed back to me.

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    Hey Kim

    You might need to re think your price point.

    No programmers I know of will be interested in developing a $20 product with a profit share.

    You'll also need a good marketer on board to generate the sales, which would need to be HUGE to get any kind of RIO.

    The Marketer will need his cut aswell..


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      HI Pete,
      I understand what your saying, but I do have a basic knowledge of programming, so I have a fair idea of what would be needed from a programmer.
      Part of the beauty of this is that it really should be a fairly simple program, probably done in something like VB. People do still use VB don't they?
      And as I said, there are currently 26 million people that could use this starting yesterday!

      I know I left this out in the original post, but the person who showed a lot of interest worked for a pharmecutical company.

      But of course the price point can be increased

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        For me, the programming issue is minor. Any programmer could do it if it's not a complex application.

        The marketing side isn't so minor. Have you thought how you're going to get it in front of the eyes of those 26 million people?

        >>I know I left this out in the original post, but the person who showed a lot of interest worked for a pharmecutical company.

        ...with deep pockets that could create their own (or have it done for them) in jig time, if they wanted. And maybe are already doing that, now that they know about it.

        Just some points to ponder.



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          That is correct , but it's one of those things that give you an "Aha" moment, meaning it's so obvious I'm surprised no one else hasn't done it already.

          As far as the marketing side, getting it out to those 26 million, I have a few ideas not I don't have all the answers.

          There is a chance that the item could be a total failure. Obviously I don't think it would be, but there is always that possibility.

          Pete and you both have pointed out valid points. Thank you.

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