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Hi warriors,

Sorry if this is off topic?

I am starting freelancing now, and hopefully will start advertising on warriors soon, but for now I need to gain more experience.

My question is, I want to apply for a job on elance, it will be my first freelancing job but I have no idea how much to charge (I am in the UK too, and the pound is currently strong so that's not so good either).

The job is for a PHP CMS site to be coded from scratch (Pure PHP), with MySQL backend, with typical html and css and possibly ajax and jquery. Site would have home, contact, product pages and of course create, modify, delete CRUD elements.

Now I am sure I am capable of doing this, I have been reading and practising on my own sites, although I still feel 'slightly uneasy' with some PHP stuff but I am sure I can do it.

Long story short - what should I charge, I really want to get the work for the experience but have no relative charge amount to set my proposal against as I cannot see what other freelancers have quoted.

I might have droned on a bit there!
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    I am not sure is it right thread or not for asking this question.

    But as per my freelancing experience (7 years) i can say you must quote which is totally competitive in nature.Bidding too low is not recommended because Good clients always know the fact that they can get quality work only at good price.

    You must understand the scope of project before making a proposal ,because generic proposals are not even viewed by them.


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    I can't say how much you should charge. But if you see good money jobs, make a short video explaining how you will execute the project. Talk about your skills and experience, sound confident, it's both your resume and interview.

    Most guys on Elance copy paste the same thing on each proposal. You can stand out and charge what you want.

    Brevity is the soul of wit

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  • Good coders would charge $25 per hour minimum

    Chances are if you are going up against the elance marketplace you'll have people charging $5 per hour.

    Its hard to get coding jobs and make a living because you can't really 'show off your work'

    Im a graphic designers so my portfolio is very visual and its what allows me to charge $30-40 per hour for jobs.

    If you are new with no reviews you are going to have to work for peanuts to build up your portfolio.
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    if you charge by the hour I would say $20-$30. If you charge on the type of project basis it varies a lot.
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    Originally Posted by designandplace View Post

    My question is, I want to apply for a job on elance, it will be my first freelancing job but I have no idea how much to charge (I am in the UK too, and the pound is currently strong so that's not so good either).
    Your bid amount should be keep abreast with the current market rate. when you will read any job post, you will be able to see, below the post there are some more people who already apply on the job. there is an average rate. in this case you can bid a small amount than this because you are a new in this sector. so it may hard to get a new job, as you are fresh. After getting some feedback, you will wil new job easily.

    Do not be crazy.

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    I would start out small, for example building a great contact form page, or what is needed.
    My point get your feet wet and build a relationship than move on to the bigger stuff.
    If you don't go for it you won't know.

    Mike Schlecht

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    Thanks everyone for your input, wish me luck
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    Start out with lower end projects.
    Charge a competitive but slightly lower rate at first.
    Start getting your ratings from clients.
    Once you have gotten your feet wet and established your reputation, you can then charge on the higher end of the pay scale.

    People need to see social proof. The ratings that you get from your first clients will pay huge dividends later on.
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  • $18-$40 per hour is a good range. Going on a per project basis is great because you can offer a small overall quantity to help them out on not paying so much per hour.
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