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Hi People, I recently had a lot of pop ups from so called "illegal sites" like "" or "" or "" where they stored and stream movies for free. ( Don't judge me for browsing some movies there! We all have our dirty secret ). I kept getting a lot of Binary Trading offers or some Adult Dating offers and they seem to be affiliate offers ( they just popped up on my screen when I click "play the movie")

I did my research, ranked 1,651 on Alexa and ranked 2,755. These kind of websites have real heavy traffic. I'm sure this kind of advertising does not convert as high as usual because it's a kind of interruption marketing. But the rate to advertise must be so cheap! And if I can get the right offer, I am sure the profit potential is huge.

My question is, how do you advertise on these kind of websites? Is there a specific Ad Network that specialize on these kind of traffic? What do you think?

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    I'm afraid I can't help you with your question. However, I do think there is a very large risk you're taking if you begin to associate with such sites - as an advertiser or whatever. Regardless of what you end up offering, you're going to be judged by the company you keep. Gambling sites, adult sites, black hat sites, etc are often seen as the "dark side" of the Internet. I'm not here to judge that, but can tell you that your reputation online is something to protect at all times.

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  • Associating your business and website in any type of marketing website that clearly isn't legal should be avoided.

    You want to prevent your site from being shut down or getting into any other legal trouble.
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    I'd wonder why you'd want customers who've demonstrated that they're willing to go out of their way to try to get things for free, rather than pay the price...

    Those sorts of customers can't be very profitable, I'm thinking.

    I'd certainly think about the types of people that frequent those sites, and wonder about whether I'd really want them as my customers...

    I'm not saying that their money isn't green... just that they're like as not the type of crowd that would purchase a product, then post it for all to download for free...
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    I don't advise to advertise or build back link from illegal, adult or even unrelated websites as it will negatively affect your website image and it will be associated with these websites that you will use to advertise at.
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