How to use google analytic for specific pages?

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How can I use google analytics for specific pages?

When I install the analytic plugin I can only see how many visitors I get for the total site and the searches people use to get to my site, but I can´t actually see what specific page the visitor landed on.

How can I find this information?, is there a specifc setting i use (this is for wordpress)

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    1. Go to your account.
    2. Select the site you want to work with from the drop down menu.
    3. Click "Create New Custom Segment"
    4. Decide if you want to measure "Dimension" or "Metric"
    5. Click on the parameter you wish to use ie:"content" in the dimension segment
    6. Left click and hold on the graphic that is named the parameter you want to use ie:"Page Title"
    7. Drag that graphic to the right and place it in "the Dimension or Metric Box"
    8. A drop down menu and textbox will appear.
    9. Choose the correct parameter from the drop down menu.
    10. Type the correct value for that parameter into the text box.
    11. Decide if you want to another "Dimension or Metric" measured by choosing if you need an and and or an or statement. (Suggest you get more familiar with the segment analysis setup and usage before you decide to do this.)
    12. Name your new custom segment.
    13. Test your new custom segment.
    14. Go to manage advance segments for the site.
    15. Navigate down to the bottom of your page.
    16. The name(s) you have given your advanced segment(s) will be listed there.
    17. Choose what you want to do now. ie:add to reports,edit,copy,delete.
    Good Luck,
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