What Are the Best Plugins for FireFox?

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Just installed FireFox. (yeah, I know, I'm not exactly an early adopter) Does anybody have a favorite FF plugin you can recommend for IM activities?
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  • It's not really "related" to IM, but if you download Last Pass, you will never have to type in your passwords again for all of your IM stuff (Or anything else, either = ) )

    It's a really great plugin!
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      Originally Posted by The Article Master View Post

      It's not really "related" to IM, but if you download Last Pass, you will never have to type in your passwords again for all of your IM stuff (Or anything else, either = ) )

      It's a really great plugin!
      FF has this built in though, so why do you need a plug-in?

      I haven't typed a password for ages thanks to FF. I've forgotten most of them now

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    adblock ....

    yes i know...double standards but i hate the new type of advertizing on websites.

    Wife is a writer: andreahelaine.com

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    no need for an adapter...just need to turn the screen counter clockwise twice to get different plugs

    Wife is a writer: andreahelaine.com

    Web design : http://www.Youcanbetheexpert.com/web-design

    Trying to get a series of short movies off the ground: Pieces of Him

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    I think I need a special adapter for mine - I can't figure out where to plug it in.
    I just launched the FireFox "Excalibur" Universal Plugin Adapter" works in all countries... I'll pm you.

    Fun aside I do like these and use them regularly.

    SEO for Firefox SEO for Firefox Extension: Free SEO Toolbar Firefox Browser Plugin

    Power Twitter - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9591

    Instant Tweets - Instant Tweets - Twitter Extension for Firefox

    Delicious Bookmarks - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/3615

    You can search a ton more here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/

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    I want to say adblocker but it doesn't really work for me for some reason.
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    My recommendations. I wont link them (since I dont have enough posts for linking), but those are good Internet marketing Firefox add-ons so search for them, they will help:

    CustomizeGoogle: Many uses, for example to see the real landing page of an adwords ad. You can click the real landing page link and go visit, without costing the advertiser the click... which is nice since as marketers we are clicking those links for research, not as prospects.

    Google Global: Get google results for any country with ads. Sorth of the G ad preview tool, or the &gl= typing trick, directly on your browser.

    Greasemonkey: Some of the adons im remcommending wont work witout this one. As you go forward with your internet marketing career youll probably find other uses for it. Web Wizards do.

    Live HTTP headers: View HTTP headers of pages you are browsing.

    RankChecker: Tracks your rankings in Google, Yahoo, Live.

    ScribeFire: If you mantain a blog and post regularly this is a real time saver.

    SearchStatus: Displays Google, Alexa, Compete and Linkscape rankings with seach related tools.

    SEO for Firefox: Previously recomended, exelent tool.

    SEO Toolbar: Also great competitive research/SEM tool.

    seolinksanalysis: shows pagerank, linktext and nofollow links to Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo! Site Explorer and Microsofts Webmaster Portal.

    ShowIP: Show current ip/ip's and provides acces to many IP tracing tools.

    Site Rank Reporter: Aggregates search engine ranking data from CVSs for export or graph view. (have not used it yet, but seems like an interesting tool)

    User Agent Switcher: Swich the agent of the browser. See it as G or Y!, etc does.

    Web Developer Toolbar: Exelent. Even if you dont plan to develop, this will be a super usefull tool on your online endeavors.

    Xmarks, StumbleUpon, Diigo Bookmarks and Web Annotations: For diferent bookmarking tasks. Xmarks highly recomended.

    Skype extension for Firefox: Detects phone numbers on pages so you can call them with a click.

    iMacros for Firefox: Lets you record repetitive tasks on your browser so you can play them wen you need to do such tasks.

    Cooliris: Inspiration, media picking.

    This is prety much what I have Internet marketing related.

    Great that you swiched!

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    Great ones rojo! I have lots of those, too.

    Have to add:
    which makes color matching easy especially if you want to know what colors another site is using. Great for color matching for website design etc...
    Smart Bookmarks - makes a neat little button on your toolbar for most visited sites. I have amazon, ezinearticles.com, Google Reader plus my most visited blogs all up top.
    Yoono - makes a nice all in one place to see all social tweets from Twitter and messaging from Facebook and FriendFeed. Tucks out of sight when not in use.
    Twitterbar - send tweets right from your browser address field.Nice time saver as it shortens the URL and adds the message for you.
    - makes Firefox template/theme personalized - mine is Blue sky! Just 'cuz
    Roboform for Firefox- ofcourse although Firefox has a nice built in password detector/filler
    I like Tree style Tab too to organize my bookmarks/favorites.

    There you go!
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    Not IM related, but my very fave extension (which technically is what you probably meant, not a plug-in) is userstyles.org - Restyle the web! which allows you to control what appears on web pages. You need to know a little CSS to get the most out of it, although their web site has CSS for a huge number of sites already.

    Now I can look at eBay listings and not have to put up with bright red text at 300pt, 'cos I used Stylish to set all eBay listing text to black, Arial at 12pt.

    I can look up a word on Dictionary.com and not have to wade through the adverts to find the definition.

    I can check my HotMail account without all the annoying adverts and extras than MS put on the page.

    Easily my fave

    Other useful extensions are (in alphabetical order)...

    Duplicate Tab - allows you to open an exact copy of the current tab, including any posted data, browsing history, etc.

    British English Dictionary - (other languages available) allows me to spell-check and correct what I type in forms on web pages.

    FireFTP - a full FTP client that runs right in the browser, saving me the need to open another application.

    Google toolbar - speaks for itself

    iMacros - automate repetitive tasks, such as pulling business names and addresses from Google Local Business Centre, etc.

    Status bar scientific calculator - as the name implies. Very useful to have it right there all the time.

    Web developer - this is only useful if your IM (or other) activities involve doing your own web sites. If you outsource, then this isn't much use to you, other than examining pages to know what classes/ids to hide in Stylish.

    Hope this helps. Welcome to the world of FireFox!

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    Ed Dale of the Thirty Day Challenge did a 2009 Pre-Season video recommending their favorite IM plugins for Internet Marketing. I wish I had one more post to be able to share the link with you.

    You can Google it or search Youtube. It's the third lesson.

    Best of luck,
    Thousands of happy Warriors agree...
    This service is a MUST - so worth it - Barry C.
    Derek is a keyword genius - Alan W.
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    Thanks, everybody ... I will be very busy tomorrow "pimping out" my new browser. I feel like a kid with a new toy!

    P.S. Just downloaded SEOquake ...now THAT'S what I'm talking about ... thank you to everybody who recommended it. Too cool.
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    I have been using SEOworkers analysis, which is a beta download. It has been working well with only minor bugs noted, but it doesn't seem to give me the info I'm looking for.
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    @Cherryl Hines: Looking into Yoono, Friend Feed and TwitterBar. Thanks.

    P.S. Just downloaded SEOquake ...now THAT'S what I'm talking about ... thank you to everybody who recommended it. Too cool.
    I have ignored so many times SEOquake wen I read people recommending it, probably just because Im used to my old seo plugins, and that sentence was what finally make me look into it. Thanks! It really is a great tool.

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    video download helper
    down them all
    colorful tabs
    s3 fox
    fire ftp
    Download status bar
    IE Tab

    Those are my must haves. You can find pretty much all of them on the first 2 pages of the most popular.

    I would add Firebug but it is not compatible with the current version of FF
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    SEOquake it's my favorite too.

    I also like Shareaholic and twitthat for social media.
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    Hi there barbdear I will seconded s3 fox, but one of my favourites is Search status. This is a great tool for seo work.

    Search status
    SearchStatus | Firefox SEO Toolbar Extension

    Includes --- Google PageRank, Google Category, Alexa popularity ranking, Compete.com ranking, SEOmoz Linkscape mozRank, Alexa incoming links, Alexa related links and backward links from Google, Yahoo and MSN.

    Just click the right mouse button on it and there are is some great info, so fast, hope this helps.
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      My absolute favorite is Printpdf ... I can't count how many Warrior posts I have thought yeah I better save that one, and printed to pdf. I have a gold mine of material to write and make videos about just responding to these pdfs. I never run out of material

      Edit - also very useful for informational type emails... I print them off to a file and include them in flipped web sites.

      -- Jack Morrison / um1001

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    hey don't forget Gmail Manager - notifies you multiple gmail account
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    As well as many of those already mentioned, I use these almost every day for analyzing and debugging web or theme code...

    View Source Chart - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/655
    Firebug - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1843

    Plus FireShot for full length website screengrabs...


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      My most used toolbar is web developer toolbar.
      Speeds up my site and wp theme work a lot.

      I also use
      color picker - to get color values from any part of the screen
      roboform - stores all my logins
      seo toolbar from seobook.com - analyzes SEO data of current page
      downthemall - downloadmanager
      linky - opens all (or selected) link from a page in tabs with 1 click

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        Originally Posted by Tom Dean View Post

        Thanks Tom, I always appreciate it when someone includes the links.

        Originally Posted by MrYossu View Post

        FF has this built in though, so why do you need a plug-in?
        Keypass is a lot more sophisticated than the way FF stores passwords. If I remember right they are encrypted and the system was mentioned as an alternative to Roboform. Also you can have all the passwords protected by a master password. I did try it out quite awhile ago but it was just a bit of a pain in the neck and I scrubbed it. The regular ff system is a lot more simple.

        So am going to try out a couple more from the info in this thread.

        Probably my favorite and most used is foxmarks. You store your bookmarks online and they are backed up automatically whenever you add a bookmark. If you choose it, you can also store your passwords along with them. They are encrypted and not accessible to even the foxmarks staff. If you do want to synchronize a second computer with the same bookmarks it just takes a couple of clicks.

        Backing up bookmarks has never been so easy.

        Do something spectacular; be fulfilled. Then you can be your own hero. Prem Rawat

        The KimW WSO

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    Also useful for marketers can be

    Google Global Firefox Extension V2 - RedFly Search Engine & Internet Marketing Blog

    because you can view natural search results AND AdWords ads for different countries.
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    [WP Sales Engine] - Point-and-Click Sales Letters, CPA-, Squeeze-, OTO-, Landing Pages Creator...
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    I have tons, but I keep most of them inactive too many seems to slow the browser down. A few that I would have a hard time living without that I haven't seen mentioned above:

    All-in-One Sidebar (lots of stuff can be put in here)
    Google Redesigned (okay, it's more for fun than essential, but ....)
    GTDInbox (absolutely essential for my workflow)
    Sage (good RSS reader)
    Split Browser (nice for bloggers - allows you to see two or more sites in one window)

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