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by Jarrod
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I read Tim Ferris' book, "The Four Hour Workweek", a couple years ago and just recently picked it up again and skimmed through my notes and underlines.

(BTW, for anyone not familiar with the book, it's not about how you can go from broke and lazy to making a killing with only 4 hours of work, but how you can stop being a stressed out workaholic putting in 80 hours a week via delegating, eliminating, & automating.)

The one line that has had the most impact on me comes from chapter 4. It tells a story of how Tim was presenting to a group of students at Princeton, and told them that if they wanted to take a challenge and get an awesome prize for completing it, meet him after class..

Out of 60 students, 20 showed up after class.

The challenge: The first one to make contact with three seemingly impossible to reach people (someone famous) wins a free, all expenses paid, trip around the world.

The number of students who completed the challenge: ZERO

They all reasoned that with 19 others competing for the same thing, there would be no way for them to win, so they didn't even try.

So here's the line I'm talking about, which I have underlined, and which I want to impress upon you:

"Since all of them overestimated the competition, no one even showed up."

I see this mistake here on the WF every single day.

Example: You buy a WSO, but then think "jeez, look at all the other people that bought it that I'll be competing against..." or some similar situation.

The first success I had was in offline marketing (doing social media, mobile websites, etc. for local businesses.)

I live in Austin, TX. There are TONS of marketing companies here doing what I as a brand spanking new one man operation was going to go out and hit the pavement doing.

This thinking entered my mind, and I think it might have been reading Tim's book that caused me to shut that voice out and go out there and take action. And guess what? A couple weeks later I had a few checks in my bank account.

Quit overestimating the competition. Just get out there and take action. (Following a proven method and not theory of course...)
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    Very true, but even when we know the truth it's still hard to follow it. Back in my former life (before retirement) I had an opportunity to get into the software business providing point of sale to auto dealers. There were two HUGE corporations that had most of the market, but I saw it as a challenge and ended up having hundreds of customers nation wide and made a living from it for 25 years. My company is still operating today after I sold it.
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    The Four Hour Workweek is how I found the Warrior Forum, and I would wager many other warriors have found this site as a result of the book as well.

    I enjoyed not only the practical advise that you mentioned, which explains delegation, elimination and automation, but also the philosophical advice that Tim offered throughout the book.

    My favorite quote from the book comes from the same chapter, just a page or two later:

    "The opposite of happiness is - here's the clincher - boredom"

    I'm really glad that I found that book when I was 18 and trying to decide what path I wished to take in life.

    PS: nice to see a fellow TX warrior. Im in DFW
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      Originally Posted by selleriu View Post

      This is akin to the 'bystander effect' in psychology.
      In all cases, it's basically about not taking on the responsibility for yourself, for there are others, whether imagined or not.
      Very good point. I've always told my wife when watching those "what would you do?" shows by John Quinones "honey, if/when we see something like that happening, brace yourself, cause I'm diving in!

      Originally Posted by shivermetimbers View Post

      PS: nice to see a fellow TX warrior. Im in DFW
      Likewise. I grew up in DFW, been in Austin for over a decade now though.
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    Yeah, sometimes the competition is not as tough as you imagined or deemed them. I've got to read that book (don't ask me why I haven't) someday.
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    The 4 hour work week is definitely one of those books I wish I had found earlier when I started my journey as an entrepreneur.
    We always seem to be comparing ourselves with others. Instead of going off theory that the market is probably flooded, you should be taking little bets and testing things out, see how it works and if its worth your time. At the end of the day each person is responsible for their own journey.
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    Another perspective is to join the competition. How can you add value to all the competitors in a marketplace, the reason there is all of that competition is because there is money there. This technique worked very well for me. I found a way to JV with the offline marketing companies in a way that created value for them and their clients and it was a true win/win/win that makes sense for everyone.

    I even give them a proven marketing campaign to use after we do business together that works very well for them and eliminates the competition for them.

    It's all about collaboration, find a way to work together and everyone wins.
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      This is akin to the 'bystander effect' in psychology.
      In all cases, it's basically about not taking on the responsibility for yourself, for there are others, whether imagined or not.
      They should probably officially identify this human behavior and name it.
      A quote from Steve Jobs would be suitable here: "The People Who Are Crazy Enough to Think They Can Change the World, Are the Ones Who Do."
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