15 People Needed To Slate My New Copywriting Course

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I'm looking for 15 people to review my new COPYWRITING COURSE, and ideally (assuming they like it!) to provide a written review that can be used as an endorsement.

I don't even have a name for the course yet(!), but it consists of 17 videos varying from 10 to 30 minutes long... and then 3 examples of me writing copy completely from scratch. I'm also revealing some fairly controversial techniques which could cause my untimely assassination (as if it could ever be timely?), so... get 'em while you can

So far I only have 1 example done, comprising of 7 additional videos, but by the time of the finished product next week, I'll have the other 2 done.

I will probably eventually sell this course for perhaps $147 or something (with a nice juicy 60% commission maybe), but if you're lucky enough to qualify as one of the 15 reviewers, you get the final product FREE... lucky you!

Now, if you'd like to participate, just let me know in this thread. I'd like the review by Sept 12th or earlier if possible, so it can go WSO... thanks.

Also, two other quick things... the videos are in two ZIP files, of 450mb and 405mb, so make sure you have a spare 1 GIG on your computer! And these are literally my first video efforts, so don't go too harsh on me... the video quality ain't studio quality perfect, but it's the information in them that matters most

I'm looking forward to hearing from y'all!
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