which one is a profitable niche

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Weightloss,bodybuilding,skincare,food and drink and internet marketing
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    ofcourse, IM stands at the top in my opinion
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    after that weightloss, bodybuilding and others
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    It depends in which niche you can make work. They're all potentially multi-million dollar niches if you operate well within the niche.
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    All those are markets, not niches. You need to learn the difference between the two.
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    Yes. I agree. these are markets. You need to drill down and hunt your exact niche in any of these markets, which is a lot narrower term than these.
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    IM converts well for me, but it's highly competitive.
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    All of them are profitable only if you could get into it and compete to get the some shares.
    I just wanna tell you that most of the links in the signature are trash and/or a trap to make you pay!
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    All of them are really profitable.

    Depending on what kind of value you provide to the market.

    This has always been the crux and will always be.
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      Originally Posted by abbigailabby63 View Post

      According to me, every business is profitable.
      Strange, then, that the overall success-rate in internet marketing isn't a little higher?
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    weight loss and make money online niche is still the best I think.
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    These suggested areas can be profitable, BUT...
    You have to break through clutter, if you browse this forum, you see a lot of clutter. You have to do things differently than others or you just will earn few bucks a month.

    If you want to find a good profitable niche, find a problem most people have and it is distracting their lives greatly. Solve it and I am pretty sure they give you your money.


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    the usual suspect do well.

    increase your wee wee size. Relationships, health, wealth, biz opps.
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    I would say weight loss then Internet Marketing. Weight loss is a billion dollar industry,
    so that should explain why. However both are very competitive to go in, so you have to be
    prepared so spend a good sum to promote them and beat the competition.
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    Turn this question around and ask yourself where are people spending the most money? Which niche has the most "buyers"? Its not hard, find where the most money is spent and you have the most profitable.

    Just follow the money and you will find the winners.
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      Travel is the top niche according to Forbes Mag.
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    Originally Posted by walexy007 View Post

    Weightloss,bodybuilding,skincare,food and drink and internet marketing
    Health/fitness, cooking, and internet marketing are all profitable niches. I would make two recommendations to you. First, don't go into IM until after you've had some success with a legitimate IM product outside of the IM niche -- unless you plan to document your journey. Other than that, just choose a niche that you have an interest in and whose products you know a lot about. This will make it easier for you to connect to your audience.

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    All niches are profitable, it only depends if you know how to market it.

    Also make sure you are passionate about the subject because if you aren't. you won't go very far.
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    This is such a silly thread... The question is which one is a Profitable Niche..

    Not which industry is the biggest..

    Only a tiny small fraction of people actually profit from those BIG niches...

    That DOESN'T make mean the whole niche is profitable.

    A profitable niche means that you can ACTUALLY make money right?

    I rather tap into small niches build sites around them and actually make money.

    Then try and set up blogs like 100000 people in those big niches just to fail.(Not really profitable is it)
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      Originally Posted by gluckspilz View Post

      Only a tiny small fraction of people actually profit from those BIG niches...
      Good luck, getting people to listen to that. (You'll need it - I've been saying that, here, for about 5 years, and I swear the only people who have ever really heard it are people like yourself who already know it's true. And almost all the "coaches"/"mentors" advertising their services here are telling people the exact opposite, which is of course part of the reason why the failure-rate in internet marketing is so high). I'm thinking of changing my name to "Cassandra".


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        All you mentioned above are profitable but it would be in your best interest to drill down and come up with smaller segments in those markets, the ones you have mentioned are all too competitive. You will need to come up with smaller segments if you want to get any success.
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    Food or bodybuiliding are both huge niches
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    The most profitable niche is the niche that you are passionate and interested about. If you are passionate on it, you can easily create/devise your own strategy to make money through it. Identify your niche that you really want that you can enjoy at the same time.
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    I agree with Aron, the best niche is the one you are passionate about, some niche you know and have experience with it. it is like your hobby.
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      Most of those niches or markets you mentioned can make you money but they are too general. You need to dig down and get in the sub niches otherwise you will run into some hard competition. I also believe, like most people here, that you need to find a niche that you are passionate about or love to talk about. Don't get into a niche just because you think a lot of money can be made in that niche. In fact, don't even think about money, just start something and let it grow. Keep writing about it, blog about it, be passionate about it and just be yourself. Once you get established or get credibility, build on it and before you know it, you will get paid for what you do.
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    Finance and dating are very profitable ,

    Goodluck !
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    I think it depends on how you plan on using this niches.

    For example, an authority site on Forex/Casino can be amazingly profitable using CPA/Adsense!

    However, for a niche such as weightloss, you would have a lot more success by promoting clickbank products etc.

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