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Theres a membership that's sold through clickbank that I want to buy but there's two options. The monthly membership is more expensive but if i buy it yearly it's a lot cheaper. However, there's a 60 day money back guarantee so i was wondering if I were to opt for the monthly version to check it out and see how it is and then if i like it, request a refund and then purchase the yearly membership. Does this work or does clickbank somehow track this to deter people from this practice?
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    Why not just try to contact the product owner with your question.. I'm pretty sure they would work with you seeing they probably want your money!

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      yes, contacting the product owner will help for sure.
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    No they would see tht im trying to game the system
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    No they wouldnt
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      How are you trying to game the system if you contact the owner and truthfully tell them your intentions? That's the point of money back guarantees...if the product is not up to your expectations, or if it's different that it's described.

      If you contact the owner I'm sure he will let you sign up as a monthly member, then if you are happy he can upgrade you to a yearly, and you would just pay the difference. Seems like the most logical way to do it.
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