Is the War Room a good investment for a newbie?

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Hello there!

I've been skimming around the outskirts of the IM world for awhile now, I've tried a few programs, haven't really understood much about them, but I really want to learn how to be my own boss. I'm in a dead-end job as a night-shift stocker at Walmart, and I would dearly love to be able to give them my notice.

My question is, would the War Room subscription be a good buy for someone that's brand new and still trying to figure this stuff out?

Is there teaching that goes on in there?

I know it's not a big investment at roughly 8 bucks a month, but I've wasted plenty of money over the years on fly-by-night scam programs, and I'm hoping this one might finally be it!

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    It would be a good investment. There isn't a ton of training going on in there BUT you will find information that is normally sold as a WSO given away in there for free. Some of it is older and some if it may not apply to you, but you can definitely glean some good information from it.

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    If you're serious about wanting to make money then it's definitely worth the investment. You'll gain access to loads of useful goodies and info you won't find anywhere else.

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  • i see a lot of good reviews about the war room, i think i will get this and post my review
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    It will be definitely one of the best investments you'll make online!
    Hint - don't underestimate the info shared in the War Room after joining.
    It will be free but most of it really works if you put it into practice.
    Good luck
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    As I've always said on threads like this, the war room can be an excellent investment, IF you know how to use it. There are tons of information in there on topics ranging from A to Z that it's easy to lose sight of what you want to do.

    Figure out what you want to do, and use the war room to help you get there. It could also take some time to dig around the piles of threads in there, but once you find that few golden threads, you'll never look back.

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      Yep, it's a good investment but like anything else you have to use what you learn!

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        it is definitely a great investment!
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    I've never been behind the walls of the war room, but I'm certain you will find nuggets of information in there. I received an email when I joined telling me the benefits of becoming a war room member. I'll consider that in the future.
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    I signed up for the 7 day free trial offer to join the War Room that I received in my email the other day.

    It was pretty unimpressive in my opinion. If you're a fresh newbie, you might get some benefit from it, but most of the information I found there didn't really exceed the quality of information I've found elsewhere.

    Regulars here rave about the War Room as being full of "gems", but finding those gems seemed like trying to pick juicy corn kernels out of a turd.

    Maybe you'll get something out of it. I just didn't see too much information in there that I haven't found in the main forum or on blogs that I read.

    One software application I downloaded and tried from a front page war room post simply didn't work. And even if it did work, it's list of features wasn't nearly as full as similar free software that accomplishes the same task.

    Your mileage may vary.


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    War Room is a great investment. If i had to start over from scratch, i'd start in the War Room. And that would probably be the only "teaching" i buy online. It's either learn from War Room, or waste time with people that will tell you what to do, and not how to do it. I hate that. This is site is authentic. So is the War Room. You cant go wrong.
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      Originally Posted by Randall Magwood View Post

      War Room is a great investment. If i had to start over from scratch, i'd start in the War Room. And that would probably be the only "teaching" i buy online. It's either learn from War Room, or waste time with people that will tell you what to do, and not how to do it. I hate that. This is site is authentic. So is the War Room. You cant go wrong.
      Randall, what would you say is the best thread in the War Room? Can you post a link to a War Room thread that you think exemplifies how great a value the War Room is?


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    It depends on what you do with it.

    It sounds like you feel everything you've tried before is a waste of money. Depending on what your definition of those kinds of programs are, the WR may not be suitable because there are a lot of things in there that are of "questionable quality" -- right alongside some real gems.

    But the gems won't do anyone any good if they just read them (or part of them) and jump right on to something more exciting.

    If you are really serious about making a change, picking a system/program/method and working it hard and sticking to it, it may be a good investment.

    If you are going to just keep looking for the "real deal" then it may not help at all. Many people stay on the quest for the secrets right up until they quit out of frustration because they say nothing is working. It sounds like that's what you are looking for - hoping that the WR will "finally be it."

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      Join the war room. Read it. You can learn about all the fields in IM and find something that is of interest to you. Then learn all you can about it. Do a search for that topic. Learn the ups and downs and see if it is something you definately want to get involved with.

      If not, then all you have lost is the time to do your research. You have not lost anymoney.
      A cheap learning curve.

      If you think it is a good topic for you jump into it totally. The war room may not take you all the way there, but it will give you a good foundation in what you want to accomplish. A lot better than buying the latest shiny object or WSO that doens't work for you.
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        Take the 7 day trial and make your own assessment.

        I have been a War Room member for many years and only recently came back to the Warrior Forum and Information Marketing, but I can say The War Room has been worth a lot more than $8 over the last month.

        I see it like the Internet Marketers version of the Pickers TV Show. One man's junk is another mans treasure and I have found some real gems. For example, I got a complete Halloween Package with images and sound files that will be perfect for a doodle video I want to make and the template I used to create my offer page absolutely made me feel like a THIEF, but it was totally above board for War Room Members only.

        If you can't get $8 in value there, you are NOT LOOKING.
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    I agree with mojojuju walla walla abujahbi.

    I signed up and really wasn't impressed. In fact, I haven't been back in about a year or more because when I do go, it's nothing special.

    Robert C.


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      Originally Posted by Robert X View Post

      I agree with mojojuju walla walla abujahbi.

      I signed up and really wasn't impressed. In fact, I haven't been back in about a year or more because when I do go, it's nothing special.

      Robert C.
      actually for the price its killer. I would not bag it, some serious money makes on wf there.

      I would say try it out, and if you like it, stay, if not then go somewhere else.
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    I have been a war room member since I joined the WF. I almost never go there. There really is little in there that you can get right here on the forum. Just take a look at the stats at any given time. There are almost never more than 100 people in the WarRoom. Why.. because there is not much reason to go there anyway.
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    Any education that helps you further in your journey is a good investment. If WF makes sense to you what do you think the War Room would do for you?
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    Yes, it's money well spent. I find something useful every time I visit.
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    Honestly, I don't think so.

    It's probably one of the last things I would recommend a newbie to signup for.

    The last thing a newbie needs is more ideas to sidetrack them.

    Lack of success is hardly ever due to lack of information. It's almost always down to lack of action.

    Stop learning and start earning.

    The War Room is only likely to sidetrack you and slow down your progress.

    Sorry, just being honest.
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    It's one of the best investments that even an experienced marketer can make. I definitely do miss the $20 per year fee though. I believe it's now close to $100 per year.
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      If you're new and still trying to figure things out I'd say save your money for now. As Will said, it would be more of a distraction to you than anything else at the moment. You could spend a whole day on there and fill up your hard drive with a gig's worth of zip files, templates and pdf's but be no further forward if you don't know what direction you want to go in beforehand. I think the main problem with the War Room in it's current state is that it needs a good "tidy up". It's a bit like searching for orchids in a jungle. You know they're there but it's going to take some time hacking away to find them.

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    Yes, you get plenty of goodies and inside tips and tricks It's a great investment to you're education. Just be carefully not be overwhelmed in the War room. I must of spent about 4 hours looking over everything. Lot's of awesome content by people.
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      It is a great investment if you apply what you have learned to at least one money making method. I still check it out every now and then and am always amazed at the creative ways to make money online people come up with.
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    For me it was a great investment. Some of the trainings I found in the WarRoom, I couldn't find anywhere else. So definitively thumbs up from me.

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      Hell yeah!
      Think loose; write tight.
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    I'm in the same boat as the minority - the War Room will not be a good investment for a newbie...and then when you're no longer a newbie - you probably won't "need" the war room - tho, I've got a few graphic packs and such from there....but that's about it.

    There's just a bunch of stuff in there...most isn't too impressive...and being a'll probably get overwhelmed and not be very productive at all.
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    Absolutely. The benefits pay for themselves. I wouldn't even think twice about renewing my membership.
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