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Have just finished up my WSO and thought 'damn i want to sign this personally'. Problem is i have no scanner connected to my laptop and am currently on holiday and a touch pad attempt at my signiture was... well very shocking!

So i got searching online and found a free site where you can make your signature and it looks great.

Never really thought it would be possible to be honest but it looks really good and does add that more professional feel to both my ebook and my sales copy when i get round to writing it. Im going to be using it alot!

Great thing about it is that you actually can choose from about 100 different styles, so you get a really good match to what your signature looks like normally.

Now im no way affiliated with this program but just thought i would share

Online Personal Signature Maker - MyLiveSignature - Free Personal Signature Generator


Tom Brite

P.S. Show off your new signature below im sure we would all love to see it!
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