Where to find high quality PLR books or Content

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I mean "real" ebooks with several hundred pages of quality content.

I missed out on buying a website site w/ ebooks. He had 3 ebooks between 200-300 pages focused on a niche topic (more niche than belly fat and IM how-to, not so niche that only 10 people would buy). He was selling 10 copies a month for $30 per. I had a pretty interesting biz plan I wanted to try out to further monetize the ebooks. Alas, he sold the site, before I figured out my plans.

My question is aside from having someone ghostwrite 300 pages for me, is there a place I can buy a QUALITY 300 page PLR book with minimum distribution? I don't need to be the sole person, but I don't want thousands of people hawking the same material.

If no on the PLR, any ideas on how to choose and select a ghostwrite? I have several odesk and fiverr folks that help me with my 500 word articles. I wouldn't trust any of them to crank out 300 pages of readable content though. Am I not looking hard enough? Is there a smarter way to find a ghostwriter? I'm not looking for cheap crap. Not a problem paying from good work.

Your advice is greatly appreciated
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    Normally you can get PLR Products by searching on this WSO section of the Forum. They are priced a bit high but they are quality products and only a few people used them because they rather get the PLR on other website for a much cheaper price and quality.

    You can also message some of the products out there and ask if you can buy their whitelabel rights / PLR. Some will agree to that terms.
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    Depending on the niche you are in, it can be very tough to find QUALITY plr that you can use out of the box, you may have to rewrite quite a bit or add / combine some of the information as well.

    you are going to pay quite a bit for products that have very limited distribution, for instance Jimmy D Brown's Affiliatenaire PLR package goes for $900 + and is high quality stuff.

    Most of the PLR you will find is old info or so badly done you may as well do it from scratch. You are going to have to turn over many rocks to find the big ones you are after.
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    If you need quality PLR eBooks, do some research online. You can either buy them from specialized PLR stores or search for personal blogs and websites selling this type of content. Fiverr is worth checking out too. Many sellers are offering high quality PLR books with fresh content. It won't be easy to find a good product, so make sure you request samples before buying.
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      I've started creating my own PLR products due to the fact that there are VERY LIMITED sources for high quality content... i.e. eBooks over 180 pages long. Most of the stuff out there - and trust me, I have seen a lot - is usually less than 80 pages. My advice is to either create your own, or hire a professional ghostwriter to do it. Unfortunately, a decent writer isn't going to be cheap.

      Good luck.
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