Need Help - How do I get 20-30 people to come to my free online 45 min webinar about weight loss?

by Gereem
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I have a good product, I can coach people into losing weight by showing them nlp techniques, self-talk techniques, and increase general awareness of how they already use self-hypnosis techniques unconsciously to get a mild addiction to food or a craving to food and I can help them decrease by 80% in a group session in under 45 minutes.

The actual product that I want to sell is my 1 on 1 coaching session programs for $20 per session when bought in packages of 5 sessions, which I conduct over Skype.

For the webinar, I was just thinking of using Google+ Video Hangouts, or any webinar software where people can communicate back to me. The other important question is, how do I market it so that people will come to the free session? I have a good product but I've only sold one client for a 10 session package so far and now am almost done with that first client and I'm trying to wrap my head around this marketing thing to sell much more.

I have a website and a YouTube channel where I have tons of recorded sessions of what my full sessions look like.

Could someone give me some marketing advice to start out with?
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    Number one rule of marketing - go where your customers are.

    Are you involved in weight loss forums? And where people that are trying to lose weight hangout? If need to be.
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      Originally Posted by NatesMarketing View Post

      Number one rule of marketing - go where your customers are.

      Are you involved in weight loss forums? And where people that are trying to lose weight hangout? If need to be.
      Solid advice. I've found just posting in forums and being an active member has gotten more traffic, consistently. Might not be a lot at first, but stick to it. If you haven't gotten into social networking sites, I would do that. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ are three that come to mind right off.

      Best wishes to ya!
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        Not sure where you are, but I'd stick up some flyers around town, and maybe go to the local gym and stick some on some cars about your free webinar.

        Put an ad in the paper.
        Run a radio spot.

        Don't feel intimidated starting local. You might be able to meet with some of those success stories down the road as well and get solid feedback.

        "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    I would run some Facebook ads. No reason why you shouldn't be able to get at least 20 to 30 sign ups without having to invest a large ad spend.

    Keep in mind, if you want 20 to 30 people to actually show up for the webinar, you will need to sign up more than that.
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    if you are using facebook ads, then is must be very simple, first create Event About your webinar in facebook, and promote it via facebook ads, target people who interest about losing weight.

    for sample facebook event like here : (not mine)
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    Facebook ads definitely. Nothing comes close to the targeting and price of Facebook ads at the moment.
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    You could sign up for Google Helpouts. Here you can coach people either for free or for a fee.

    Or you could set up a udemy course to generate leads for your coaching program.
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    Facebook would be your best bet to start with. You might not even need to spend money with ads... just contact group owners and let them know what you are doing. They might allow you to post or even do it for you if you can convince them you have some helpful stuff there.
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    You should look into guest blogging. If you can get a well written blog post that links to your webinar registration page, on an authority weight loss blog with high volume of traffic, you'd definitely be able to get 20 - 30 people to attend your webinar.
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