How do they create this?

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I was searching through clickbank products, and I noticed that some of the websites are really awesome IMO.

Site's like:
- Get Cash For Surveys
- Start Taking Paid Surveys Today!
- Get Paid To Draw - Make money as an artist with art, design, and photos!

I like those ''Now available for the residents of ....''

Are they hiring web designers? If yes, who?

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    I don't get where you got the hiring designers from?

    But, yes those pages are nicely designed, good copies and domain names - overall, these are good examples of profitable info-products - learn what you can from them

    As far as filling in surveys to actually make money for yourself? - I think you will find that showing how to make this money to other people is much more profitable

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    There's nothing particularly hard about making landing pages like the 3 you list above.

    You can do it on a simple wordpress site using a specialized theme like Optimizedpress or using a plugin like instabuilder or funnelkit. Really there are even more plugins and themes out there that do this.

    You could also save the landing page you like and reopen it in free ware like Kompozer and modify it for your liking and then upload it to your server.

    Not really sure what you are asking here. Do you like the product or the landing page?
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  • there some really good designers at Freelancer and they can do things far better than these sites, have a look at Freelancer
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    Hire someone to make a sales letter like these and hire a designer who can incorporate your sale letter to make a good and graphically great sales page. If you can find someone who is good in both then go for it.

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    These websites are quite basic - you can easily create them using WordPress. Look for one page WordPress themes and then add your favorite plugins. You don't necessarily have to use a premium theme - a free one will do the job.
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