Which is better. Thank you page or Download page ?

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Which one is better for upselling?

"Here the thank you page"
"Here the download page"

Really confusing

Anyone had experiment it before?
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  • It makes no difference at all, and it won't affect your conversions on your upsell. Dont waste time pondering about this kind of things.
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  • thank you page is better than download page, in the first you are giving value to the customer by saying thank you for your purshase for example, but in the download page you are telling implicitely "here is your downloads, download and LEAVE!"
    This is my personal point of view
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    I personally believe thank you page would be more suitable for upselling someone as they just normally want to access and enjoy the product on your download page.. I will definitely upsell them on thank you page but as Annonymous Affiliate said, it won't make drastic difference.
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    The moment someone lands on your download page, their main interest is going to be in downloading and using the product they have just purchased. For this reason it is important that any upgrade offers you have are presented to your buyers BEFORE you send them to your download page.

    The typical funnel would look like this:

    Front End > Upsell(s) > Downsell (if applicable) > Download Page
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      I don't think it has to be one or the other. I have used both with success and I have also combined them into one. What you do will be dictated by how you set up your funnel and Will has given a good example.


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    Thank you page is better with can recommend a download link on the thank you page.
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    I used to think that I should send people to a THANK YOU page after they opt in. Wanted to build some rapport right away but after some testing, I came to a conclusion that it is better to send people to a sales page right away.

    If you already sold them something, it is MUCH better to send them to a sales page. Make sure that at the bottom of the page, you also offer them a link to the product so it can say something like:

    Don't want to buy ________________. Want to have access to ____________? Click here
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    Make a thank you page.
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    I taught my kids to say 'thank you' at an early age!! It's still a great concept.
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      Upsell before you get to the Thank You Page. Upsell on the next page after they order, while they're hot, have their card out and the momentum is still going.

      When they get to the thank you page it subconsciously says to many people the transaction is completed. We've been conditioned to think that since childhood.
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