How To Create Amazing Content (For Newbies)

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This is for the guy or girl who wants to create high quality content that resonates with people, but doesn't know how....

Creating amazing content is a great way to build your brand and your following.

People love to read engaging content that is unique and fresh.

There is so much rehashed content on the internet, which allows you to separate yourself from your competition when you write new and refreshing content.

So, here is a step-by-step process for creating amazing content.

Write About Your Personal Experiences

Tell personal stories that people will find entertaining. People want to learn, but they also want to be entertained at the same time. Your job is to write content that draws in your readers, but also teaches them what they want to learn.

Writing about your own personal experiences will make your content unique and interesting. None of your competitors will be able to duplicate your content because none of your competitors have the same personal experiences as you.

Give Your Opinion

Most people are afraid to put their opinions in writing. When you put your opinion in writing, you're opening yourself up to criticism from people who may disagree with you.

Although receiving criticism is not a nice feeling, you need to accept the fact that there will always be more than one way to perceive something. I might think a book is interesting, while you might think a book is boring, but in a sense, we're both right.

So, when you put your opinion in writing, you're being polarizing. Some people will love your writing, and some people will hate it.

It's better to have people love and hate your content, rather than have people feel a non-emotional effect from your content.

Write As Though You're Talking To A Close Friend

When you write content, you need to write as though you're talking to a close friend or family member.

People like to feel as though they're being spoken to directly when they read a piece of content. People don't like to be addressed in a general way, or as though you're speaking to the masses.

Write with personality and emotion. Don't be afraid to pour your heart and soul into your content. If you were speaking to a close friend, you would probably have no problem expressing yourself emotionally and telling them about your passions and secrets.

So, every time you write a piece of content, write as though you're addressing your best friend, and your content will be a lot more personal and effective.

Solve A Problem

Whenever your write a piece of content you need to make sure you solve a problem.

Nobody wants to read a whole blog post or article just to find out nothing.

If somebody comes to check out your content, they're most likely looking for an answer to a problem they're having. If you don't solve problems in your content, people won't frequent your website or read your emails

Once you decide to create content that is personal, opinionated, and solves problems, you will begin to create high quality content that will build your brand and credibility.
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