Problem with Screen resoultion

by Joe Giannetti 2 replies
How do I optimize my webpage for a lower screen resoultion?

people with 600 X 800 claim they have to scroll to the right.
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    It's always been my understanding that if you make your webpage a 100% in width (and not a set pixel), and all your <td> in %, then it will conform to the visitor's browser.

    That's how I've been building my sites and I've asked folks I know with various resolutions and none of them have had the horizontal scroll bar yet.
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    I assume you are developing your site in a resolution higher that 800x600 and on your screen it looks perfect!

    The one thing all webmasters should so is check their designs in different browers and screen resolution, you'd be surprised at the differences you'll notice, color variation is notorious between IE and FF. Most of the time users won't report problems to you - they just move onto the next site your competitor :-(

    You're not gong to make it perfect for everyone so you have to consider the time/effort/benefits factor;
    check your website stats and find out what proportion of your visitors are using 800x600 or less and decide if it's worth spending time fixing the site for this audience

    if you decide to fix the site you can;
    view the site on another screen set at 800x600
    use an online service that allow you to see your site in several screen resolution (do Google search)

    If you have a look at the browser statistics table below you can see that potentially 14% of your viewers could have problems (the ones using 800x600 or below)

    Browser Statistics
    Date  	       Higher     1024x768     800x600     640x480    Unknown
    January 2008 	38% 	     48%        8% 	      0% 	 6%
    January 2007 	26% 	     54%        14% 	      0% 	 6%
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