Are You Getting Testimonials?

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This week we spent a whole week getting video testimonials for one of our NICHE products...not in IM.

Testimonials work! and they sell themselves.

This is killer, and we have done alot of testing and found 10 things about testimonials.

1) People want proof of what you are selling works! yes, from others!

2) Since the 2008 crash, people have lost money and still have money, but we find are doing more looking than buying, so you have to do something to give the fence sitters, reason to pull their credit card out.

3) When someone else sells for your, you have to actually do less work to make a sales

4) Written testimonials are good,, but video from one of your customers, tells them : "Hey i am real and I love what this thing is, I should check this out"

5) You will get fence sitters all the time. This is natural. Testimonials, can sometimes be the thing that tips them over the edge BIG TIME!

6) I have studied marketers back to the early 1900's and some of these guy use to get their clients to reach out to their current prospect to help the sale. VERY SMART and this again sells itself. They use to do this, becuase the interested party could ask any questions, and it used to get answered by someone using the product and happy. Almost no one is doing this today, but it worked back when we did not even have the INTERNET, with communcation to someone around the other side of the world much quicker, imagine how well this would work today

7) Testimonials that are exact work better i.e. Things like.... "Peter made $867.23 in just 48 hours, trading the EURO currency with this indicator"

8) Your testimonials are not just proof, they TELL A STORY, and people love stories, and successful stories, and are glued to watch to the end. We are all bought up to read, and enjoy stories, subliminally they are imprinted on mind from a young age, and stories tell, and stories SELL as one of my mentors once told me.

9) If you have your happiest clients give you testimonies, give them a little cash to say thankyou. It helps, and not only will they go out of their way, they will feel like they are helping you spread the love.

10) I have seen one smart marketer leave the sales page and COPYWRITING, his whole sales page was 20 fantastically made testimonies of his real clients. All he has was a BOLD headline at the top, and the 20 Videos underneath of his clients telling people how good his system was, and then under the last video an ADD TO CART button. His sales page converted at 4.1%...... WOW! So they do work!!


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