I need a complete adult membership site for a client

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I have a business client where I service him with his "normal" sites. He's looking to buy a complete adult membership site site, but it should NOT be the standard affiliate deal, where you get some cheap tube site, that scrapes the videos from Pornhub network.

He needs it as a service an adult dating site he owns. He simply wants the paying members there to have free access to a paid membership adult site, so he needs to completely own the adult site, and the videos there should of course not be something that can be found for free on the pornhub network.

Can anyone here help?

My client got completely screwed over by a scammer, so if anyone here can offer some paid consulting, sell a site or in some other way can point me in the right direction. I hope to avoid GFY and similar sites, as there are so many scammers there.
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    Try GFY. GFY is the biggest adult webmaster forum around.
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    PM me with a little info on your project. I'll help you set this up

    Learn how to setup and make money from your own dating website www.datingbanking.com

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    If you decide to build everything on your own and start from scratch, keep in mind that yes you can use Wordpress, however, many of the membership plugins have restrictions on adult content. S2member is the only one of know of that doesn't care and specifically integrates with CCBill which is an adult payment processor. So, be sure to dig into the terms and conditions on each piece of software or plugin you want to use with the site. It could cost you a lot more later if you don't.
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    for adult dating are best tube sites, very good instructions on how to do has tube sites submitter ,... you see http://***.tubesitessubmitter.com/bl...ke-money-with- tube-sites-submitter /

    If you need help contact me, I have some very good advice how to improve memberships to pay sites
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