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I get this question to my email A lot...

There are many ways and methods that you can plan out but below I just touch on one of them. There are so many niches and demographics that it's impossible to cover the best method for all so, I just kept it general.


Is giving away freebies a good idea and what do I do after they get it?


Yes, people love things that are free; so giving away a freebie isn't the issue. The problem I find is that when people put up these freebies they tend to forget that the person who's downloading that freebie is an ice cold prospect and in the internet marketing niche especially 95%, heck I'd go as far as saying 99% of the time when they are getting something for free they are not yet in the buying mood. So, I wouldn't advise sending them to an offer directly after

What I would advise is to create a buffer product. A relevant product of real value, that you give away for free. The goal of this product will be to NOT only give value but to entice them to the next step, which is taking a look at your actual product but remember, that freebie product has to really entice and be really valuable, this way they quickly go from cold to warm prospects, the idea is natural progression.

It's similar to when you read a great blog post on say... golfing (first engagement)

And then they ask if you'd like to download 7 hot tips for whatever (second engagement)

Taking that second step is when they are considered really engaged and now a better prospect for buying your product. Much like seeing a movie preview you need to know the quality and feel a certain amount of certainty before you're really ready to buy a ticket. So with that said keep in mind that this product that is given needs to be really valuable and not saying give all of your knowledge away but they need to at least be given something where they feel that they could take action. Your product are the fill in the gaps of how to put that plan into action.

Our only goal is to obtain buyers, it's how we stay in business. We give value - We make money

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    Thanks for making me think about this.

    My initial thought was that we could offer the usual free gift as an optin then instead of directing them to the standard upsell perhaps give them a free upsell such as the free gift in a different media form then send them to a paid upsell and continue the selling path as per normal.
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