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by Heathj
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Hello all,

Been around a few years and have tried a few things with little success. One of my favorite sites I had going a few years ago was an affiliate t-shirt site. It was themed and based around the animal niche. All the shirts came from cafe press and I would make a few dollars for every shirt I sold. I probably made a few hundred dollars(over a year or so) before I stopped working on the site. And I really only made sales when I did email campaigns (which were a pain in the butt).

I am thinking of giving that a go again, but was hoping to get some direction or advice on how I might be able to drive traffic to a site like that. I dont think it will rank well in google because it is an affiliate site. Basically a main page with links. Each link is a page with 50 or so designs of a specific animal. Might be hard to envision, but the first site looked really nice and was well laid out. Just didnt have a lot of content.

Any thoughts on this? Will something like this even work (as in make a little money)?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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    Hi, Heathj
    Why don't try using WooCommerce ? Build a HIGH Quality website, buy SEO and drive traffic from google. With a little investment you can earn big if you target the right niche!

    Good luck,
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    Personally, I think it would be fairly hard to do - unless it's socially driven.

    You're right, SEO doesn't "stick" too well with just a page to affiliate links - so that route is kind of closed, unless you decide to build your site out with other content.

    Paying for traffic, like Adwords/Bing Ads - probably won't be allowed, as they don't usually approve low content sites with just affiliate links.

    Social is where you would need to be. You can also run a few retargetting campaigns too.

    But, I also think your business idea may need some re-thinking. 50 different shirts of the same animal is WAY too many. People won't be able to choose what they like best and they won't purchase a thing.

    I'd pick a format/layout/design of a shirt and keep it consistent across the entire animal kingdom. This will make it much easier to market as well.

    Obviously, this will be kind of stressful because you'll need to knock this design out of the park so everyone likes and wants it. But, there are t-shirt designs everywhere - see what works and what doesn't to get on the right track. There are certain designs that always do well and certain designs that don't.

    My two cents.
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