Traffic Method that is Better then your Own Opt-In List

by LMC
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Hey Warriors,

I wanted to make a post about what I have found to be the best traffic strategy for all my projects, this strategy is not PPC nor SEO, in fact this strategy for traffic can be created within the first week or two of the launch of your website.

The strategy is called, Create Evangelists

Guy Kawasaki once said, create evangelists, they will make or break your business. When I heard him speak I really did not know what he meant, but then a couple years later I started to learn.

An Evangelist in simple terms is a "die-heart fan of your business", they will spread the news all around the place, spark up hype and create more business for you.

They don't do it because you asked.

They do it because you create a super system, product, or invention. They do it because they are excited to be apart of what you are creating and they want to follow and help your goals and missions succeed. They do this by spreading the word, telling friends & family, lists and websites.

So, how do you create an evangelist?

You give them your stuff. Beta-test with them.
Create a relationship with them.
Ask them for advice.
Ask them for suggestions.

Make them feel as they are building the brand, site, business, with you.

The Results

- A new business relationship
- A friendship
- They spread the word ( more business for you )
- A new partner

- A new success

Don't put your product/service on a pedestal?

Always ask what can be changed, how can your users help you be better?

Creating Evangelists is the best method of traffic for your business.
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    Hi LMC..

    I enjoy most of your posts here and this is just as good as the previous one.The method that you've written here was mentioned by Sean R.Mize in his free report that I found many months ago.It's super effective to build a long term solid business but may take a long time to build relationship with your customers.He said that he offers a free report in exchange of emails, then communicate with his list members ex: "what're their problems", and eventually find the solutions and charge them for it!!

    A good money making method I guess!!

    Thanks for bringing this up!!
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    Very true. Word of mouth customers are already pre qualified and usually make business easier. You don't have to look for them, they come to you. Always a great strategy to be sought after.

    Feedback is the most important thing to build a long term quality relationship. It's unfortunate that the larger corporations have abandoned this model in the search for the cheapest product they can produce. I guess that's better for the smaller companies though.
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    Great idea. I have noticed that with some non-IM products, the creator has a posse of a few people who are like loyal dogs - following their leader's every move. They are die-hard advocates.

    Follow me on Twitter: and I'll follow you back.

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    Apple is very good at creating evangelists. Their ads are made solely to build a strong, fanatical evangelist army.

    Their "PC vs Mac" ads suck at bringing in new customers directly but work great at creating that sense of belonging and group superiority.

    These evangelists then get them customers through word of mouth and personal recommendations which ends up being the most effective form of marketing.

    It works almost like a cult... Oh wait, they ARE a cult!

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      Originally Posted by Tyrus Antas View Post

      Apple is very good at creating evangelists
      Yeah Apple is a big one. Harley Davidson. Oprah. They all have cults.

      There's a book called "The Cult of Mac" and "The Cult of Ipod".

      What LMC is mentioning is much, much, more than a traffic strategy.

      Its what your marketing and branding should be built on.

      "One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor

      "I Pay Less Attention to What Men Say. I Just Watch What They Do."
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    Back when I ran a 6-figure email marketing business, I learned what LMC is saying is the gospel truth. I was doing virtually no active marketing or promotion of my business after the first couple of years. Almost every new prospect was saying a version of the same thing when we first spoke on the phone or exchanged emails: "____________ (current client's name) told me about your services and that you were a really nice guy and took the time to explain things instead of being pushy. That's why I'm calling you. I trust ____________."

    So I guess I wanted to add to LMC's great post... it's trite, but true: what goes around comes around. Treat people right, right from the start. Develop that relationship as your primary goal. The sales will follow as a natural extension and (this is the key point) will actually blossom into many more sales and relationships from word-of-mouth.

    Thanks for the reminder, LMC. You always post like this. I might have to become one of your evangelists.

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  • Profile picture of the author Jesus Perez
    Yes, Word of Mouth rocks. To this day, I'm getting calls from new customers that were referred from clients I helped years ago.

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  • Profile picture of the author LMC
    Hey Guys,

    Thanks a lot for all the comments, I know it is almost common sense, but like everyone said above, word of mouth is a powerful advertising method. Our new site received well over 500 unique in the past two days dedicated solely based on one evangelist of our site.

    All we can do now is make sure that any question or email from our friend will be answered as quickly as possible and that they are always taken care of.

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