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Hey there warriors,

I'm about to start a website but decided to confide with you guys first. The plan is for it to be a video/computer game website that will eventually be monetized if it ever reaches the sufficient amount visitors. Now what I need help with is this:

- First of all, will I ever be able to compete with the big players such as IGN, Gamespot, Escapistmagazine, Gamesradar and so on? Or will they just fork all the relevant traffic?

- If yes, should I invest in a wordpress premium theme and what would you do to kick things off effectively? Tips, names, ideas, anything!

- If no, what would you suggest? I am good with computers, movies, basketball and comics!

Thank you!
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    Hey karlstech, I'm happy for your interest to start a blog. And look, men's interest niche! I've been an avid reader of such. Though I do not want to discourage you, there is no way that a budding website can compete against these big guys in the industry.

    The best you can do is create something wholly innovative. Like something those websites haven't even thought of. let's get your creative on and put it on high 'coz they might notice you and start syndicating content from you. "Piggybacking" your website to them isn't necessarily a bad thing. It helps to get noticed and recognized.

    Say, for example, build a website about Sports Games all throughout video game history. Not only would video game websites (the ones you've mentioned above) but even BleacherReport might take your distinctive article for publication.

    Hope these tips help you in your endeavor.

    Rick Rodd
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    You probably will not be able to compete with IGN, Gamespot, etc.

    So don't!

    That's why people build niche sites - so they don't have to compete with the "big guys."

    Like, single male mmorpg gamers, talk about mmorpg from that point of view. Later down the road, make single female mmorpg gamers and then link the two together with a super awesome dating site!

    Stuff like that - carve your own niche and community because you're right, you will not be able to compete with the big dogs outright.

    Yes, invest in a premium or custom theme - if you're serious. This "should" be your baby - take care of it. You wouldn't want your baby dressed in a garbage bag...would you?
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    Since you'll be blogging about it, do proper KWR and go to a narrower niche in your field - Video / Computer Games. Be an expert in this and retain your customers. But do not be afraid to venture in this because of the big guns.
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      Wow, it sometimes amazes me how fast your thread gets replied here! Anyway, thanks so far for the constructive feedback, it's already very helpful! So as I understand it I should proceed accordingly:

      - Narrow down the niche, don't just "copy" the concept of the big dogs sites. Instead be creative, create a different perspective, mix it up with other aspects, correct?

      I actually launched a site recently but made the mistake of taking on 3 niches at once in one site, but realising my mistake I turn to you!

      Thank you for the posts and just keep it coming if you have any ideas I am all ears!
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    Check in to promoting CPA sign-ups for free-to-play games. There are new games being released all the time. They often pay for free sign-ups until they get a good base of players built up.

    Here's one of my old MMORPG sites, it might give you some ideas: Warcraft Guide Center
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    Gamespot and those guys started small as well.

    So start small and grow big. Put out enough content that people will go to you instead of them.
    Become an authority in your niche.
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    Definitely invest in a good theme. Check out Theme-forest, I've bought a few from there for about £30 and not only have they been great design wise, theme support is also really good as their support leads to more theme sales.

    Design definitely plays a big part in success
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    Make sure you have a very strong social - FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

    Post engaging pictures and make sure to ask people to retweet or share your posts/pictures. Gaming niche has a strong community so good social for you will be crucial. Go on topical forums and get initial traffic from there by posting or advertising.

    You can also target gamers directly on FB with FB ads

    A good free WP plugin for picture sharing is Wordpress Image Hover Lite.

    When it comes to back links, you should definitely invest in a private blog network site build out of relevant domains.
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    Your are just starting out and competing with the bigger sites at the beginning is not realistic and is not going to work unless you have the right funds. Make you goals smaller and grow slowly but constantly. Once your website become visible and popular, you can start competing with bigger sites, so you need to make a plan and set stages.
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