Looking For Split Test Assistant Because I Don't Understand

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I'm seriously pissed off right now because I just don't understand split testing anymore. Here's the deal:

- I use Hypertracker and created two versions of my opt in page to test which converts more
- I've also created two versions of my sales letter to see which one converts more..and these two aren't hard to pull of when you know your basic HTML
- but here's the kicker: my results are really, really unreliable because A) I do social network marketing that forwards to only one version of the opt in pages when someone clicks on the yoursite.com link
- B) my email autoresponder campaign links to only one version of the sales letter split test
- the result: all the actions and clicks do not correspond and I am seriously confused, and sick of this

All I want is to improve my friggin' business, and Hypertracker customer service (Im sorry to say this guys) simply SUCKS because I haven't had any answers about how to make things more reliable

I simply want to do this:
1) split test two opt in pages: traffic comes from social network marketing and ppc advertising
2) split test two sales letters: traffic comes from the above OR my email list

Can someone please, please assist me with this as in...a paid job? That I outsource the split testing to you? I tried to figure things out on my own last time but got nowhere with the ideas I found here (with all due respect)..so who has split testing expertise and wants to assist a struggling business owner? Please reply or PM me, I'm pretty desperate over here.

I'm willing to try any friggin' split test machine, website or whatever...as long as I'll know which split tested page works better than the other one because I don't know how else to improve my stuff and I'm not a wizz kid when it comes to statistical stuff. My expertise lies in copywriting and product creation, that's it, I need help with the rest. Please help..because I'm sick and tired of these vague companies with their vague explanations and of Elance assistants who only understand LESS then you do
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