I'm back - Looking for help with Bingads + Clickbank

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My life as an internet marketer has been up and down. There's a lot of dry spells where the money is hard to come by. There's also times where things can be very lucrative, which is why I haven't given up.

I've hit hard times, again!

I've been browsing and reading. I'm just wondering if anyone is truly having success with clickbank and bingads. I set up a campaign last night and so far I've only gotten 1 click. I don't really know what I'm doing wrong so any pointers would help.
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    I don't know how long you have been at it; it sounds like you have been around enough to know that it works.

    It takes a lot of work and persistence to make it happen on a consistent basis. I would suggest that simple PPC ads using Bing and a good converting affiliate offer is still a great way to go. Just know that most marketers spend a great deal of time (a year or two or three is not uncommon) before a steady income can be realized. There's just a lot to learn. You can do it, but you will have to be patient!
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    Originally Posted by Bill_Lawrence View Post

    I don't really know what I'm doing wrong so any pointers would help.
    I'd start here, Bill - this will perhaps tell you what you need to know: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post7110523

    Bing Ads may be a perfectly good place to get the targeted traffic to build your subscriber-lists, for ClickBank affiliate marketing purposes, if you have the right skill set to use that kind of advertising (it's a big learning-curve, like so many things in internet marketing).

    Thinking about this question will help you, too: if it were really possible to drive the traffic directly from PPC advertising to a sales page and to cover the costs and make a decent profit, without doing all the affiliate pre-selling and list-building in-between, then why would all those ClickBank vendors be paying typically 60%-75% of the takings to people just for providing the traffic? Wouldn't they just do that themselves, or employ someone to do it, and not give away most of the money?

    Maybe you see what I mean? To make profits, you have to add value to the process, and that always requires skills.

    Originally Posted by Bill_Lawrence View Post

    I'm just wondering if anyone is truly having success with clickbank and bingads.
    Yes, they are, because of their list-building and subscriber-communication and credibility-establishing and relationship-building skills - just like all the other people who are truly having success as ClickBank affiliates, wherever they get their traffic from. It isn't so much where the traffic comes from. It's how you get people to trust you and how you build relationships with them. There's very little income available from the sale of digital information-products without doing that. In fact, for most people, there's none at all. Regardless of your traffic sources, this is one of the absolute fundamentals. There are reasons for that, and they're good and reliable and valid reasons, and they're going to apply to you, just like they apply to everyone else doing what you're trying to do. People who imagine and/or advise otherwise are typically not making their own livings as ClickBank affiliates!

    Is it a good idea to spend some time on building a mailing list ?

    Without Building a List, How Consistent is Your Income from Affiliate Marketing

    Does anyone even make money online without an email list?

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