Freelance graphics design marketing help?

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im currently working as a freelance graphic designer over the summer.

I know how to design the products, but i dont know the best strategy for getting new clients, i have a portfolio but i also want to be a good communicator towards a potential client.

so what should/would be a great way of building my client database?

thanks for your help.
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  • 1) You first have to create your own website, especially since you need to showcase the poppet folio the right way.

    2) Talk to businesses directly. If you want, you can always talk to different businesses and ask if they need your help. I don't know exactly what you're selling in regards to graphic design, but since you said products, you could always create a graphic design ad here on the warriors for hire section and sell your services here.

    3) Freelancing sites are great for building your rapport and start getting some work. You could go to Elance or freelancer. They are all good places to start getting some clients as you start out.
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    Talk to business owners manually. Advertise yourself wherever you can and once you get the first project make sure you give it your best .
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    If you are graphic designer. First you need to know your price!!
    Don't work for free
    Don't work for cheap

    Build a portfolio site, probally with .com domain name.
    Many wannabe designer graphic designers are destroying market, because of low quality work and cheap prices.

    Check this post why logo or anything else in graphic design does not cost 5$

    Logo price: A fresh graduate might charge $300 – $800 . A branding heavyweight might charge $2,000 – $6,000. A good designer with some experience under his or her belt will likely be in the region of $900 – $3,000.

    Business card design

    Business card design can vary quite a bit. Do you need a simple, one-sided, straight-to-the-point card, a nice elegant, double-sided, creatively designed card, or do you want something really special?

    Good range: $350 to $1500
    Bare Minimum: $100

    Brochure design

    Brochure design also varies dramatically, depending on the content.

    Good range: $400 to $1800
    Bare Minimum: $200

    Book cover design

    Book cover design doesn’t vary quite as much, but you still have to consider a few factors. Is it just the front cover for an eBook? Is it a full dust jacket? What goes on the back and spine? Do you want something straight-forward and simple or do you want something high-concept?

    Good range: $500 to $2500
    Bare Minimum: $200

    Website design

    This is probably the most difficult thing to talk about. A one page sales site and a massive corporate
    site with multiple sections and complex structure are two entirely different beasts, and there’s an infinite amount of variation in complexity and breadth. I’m not even sure I want to tackle this one but you came here for answers, so I’ll give it a shot. Let’s assume we’re talking about a standard site between 3 to 9 pages.

    Good range: $1000 to $10,000+
    Bare Minimum: $400

    So what about design contests?

    I’m going to try not to pull my hair out. In case you are not familiar with the idea, design contest sites allow you to post a project and get many designers to submit their ideas. You then select your favorite. This may sound enticing, but design contests are a serious gamble. First of all, you still have to shell out at least a few hundred bucks. Second, look again at the process I outlined for logo design. Do you think you will get that kind of quality research, strategy, and hands-on involvement from some teenager in Bangalore? By the way, some of these sites have been known to allow children to participate. You’ll also have to invest quite a bit more of your own time in the initial creative brief and the feedback process. Lastly, these sites are seriously damaging the design industry. I know that’s not your problem, but how would you feel if this started happening to your business? Really, it’s a bit like going out for dinner and getting dozens of chefs to prepare a meal for you, then only paying for the one you like. Is that fair? Save your money. If you can’t afford an experienced designer, find a student or recent graduate. Otherwise, save your pennies and get the real deal.

    A message to designers participating in this practice:
    You are hurting your own industry and devaluing yourself. Spec work like this is seriously frowned upon by professional design associations. If you are doing it to build your portfolio, there are better ways. There are many not-for-profit organizations that could use your help. Find one you believe in. They make amazing clients and you can be proud of the work you do for them.

    More you can read here graphic design pricing.
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    You did not mention here, in which site, you are working. such as to get a good job in fiverr, you need to make the GIGS unique & excellent. on the the other hand in the Odesk, you need to make the best application letter. You should show your previous work experience with the job application.
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    I would pick a vertical and develop a set of templates for that niche. Imagine if you had every template a plumber needed or a restaurant pre-designed and packaged. Then no need to get clients to pay for your hours they can buy your package and pay extra for customization
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    There are different Freelance Websites where you can start with..
    And it's a good idea to approach business
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