Can a text-based course sell decently compared to video-based courses?

by Tim555
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I am in the process of developing an information product which will consist of a course which will have 2 - 5 paragraphs and a few open-ended questions (to induce understanding) per section. There will also be illustrations, graphs, stock images, etc. to keep it interesting. I have my own domain (with a catchy name) to sell the course on and there will also be a blog on this website.

I'm a bit weary about making this an all video-based course because the topic is rarely broken down to the extent that I will break it down and I could need to make minor edits in the coming months as I read more about the topic. And quite frankly, making videos is bit intimidating since this is my very first information product. I plan to upgrade the course to all video in about 6 months though if it sells decently and I get good feedback.

My question is, can a text-based course sell decently as long as the material is useful and marketable? Would at least making the introduction and conclusion of the course consist of 1 - 2 minute videos each help considerably in this case?
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    To be honest, I enjoy text-based tutorials and courses more than video.
    but maybe that's just me.
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  • Profile picture of the author mo2menelzeiny
    To be honest, I enjoy text-based tutorials and courses more than video.
    but maybe that's just me.
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    Develop it as a text product and see if there is a market for it. Once you have a proof of concept, develop more of a video or interactive version of it and sell it at a higher price point.

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    I HATE video information products! (Notice the uppercase, bold, italicized and underlined word.)

    With text I can 1) speed read 2) easily go back for specific information I need to review again 3) avoid suffering through fluff, trivia and other time wasting garbage.

    There may be cases when screen shots really help someone to visualize what you have written.

    There may be rare, rare cases when video snippets help explain or show something but I have certainly not come across that myself.
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    You can use both. Make the main product text/image/PDF and then make 'helper' videos showing concepts or "over-the-shoulder" walk-throughs that can be more easily explained or demonstrated on video.

    Nobody needs a video on how to install WordPress but many may appreciate an over-the-shoulder view as you set up a campaign in a CPA interface.
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    I personally prefer text-based products. Most videos move way too slow for my tastes and I'd rather have something I can read and work on at my own pace.

    "A bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist."
    -Franklin Jones

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    So a text-based course perfectly fine based on this answers here. Sounds great to me because I prefer to read and skim myself often times.

    I have one more qeustions:What kind of reaction would a text-based course get compared to the more traditional PDF, E-book approach?
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    You can use the video version as an upsell for people who prefer video.

    The method of delivery will have far less impact on the sales than the market's desire to have their problem solved, and the sales page's ability to make that desire stronger than their desire to keep their money in their pocket.
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    Providing your customers both options would be your best bet.

    Some people learn better via reading, others via listening. I know especially when reading instruction I like having text because that way it's easier to go back then it is in video.
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  • I prefer text based prooducts, it allows me to reread through material if needed and to make notes without having to back up a video. That said you could begin first with a text based product and later offer a video based program!

    Good luck
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    I prefer text, but maybe combine both as suggested above for both learner types
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    hmmm I prefer video..
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    I prefer text based products because they are easier to reference and work through. I think people just do video because it's way easier than writing.
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