What Are the Most Important Values For a Business?

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Hey Guys,

I am just wondering what you think the most important values a business can have. I know a lot of people are big into core values, so I was just wondering about your perspective.
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    all values are important thats why theyre called "values"... but to answer your question, i say integrity tops the list. its a big word and nobody holds on to it for so long when it comes to making big money. to stay honest and be firm with moral principles are the things you should not forget not only when youre in a business but also as an individual...
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    Firm (Like being firm in your position when arguing your case)

    That should get the ball rolling!
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    Dont harm/kill anyone and make money. What other values are there?
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    Any of the prior qualities listed are a good start. I would imagine any business owner at the beginning has/and is theoretically committed to high standards of product integrity and conduct. Eventually, and, unfortunately, many business people become Machiavellian, which is too say, the end justify the means. Our politics are already there, hopefully business people are pragmatic, which is too say, something either works or it doesn't, and they move on from there! My two sense!
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    You firstly find Product value ,Product demand , Product market position is the important for a Business.
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    "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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    Actually caring about the people who follow you and your products and giving them as much value as possible.
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    For me it is honesty and offering what your clients really needs instead of offering what you want your client to buy.
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    Investor profit maximization

    Business is not all about money. If you frame your mind that
    way, then it would limit you to what you can do. Money is a tool
    to limit our potential.
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    Communication, customer satisfaction, and market research.

    No one likes to deal with robots, it's best to take a human approach when dealing with your customers. Even in online marketing, give your project a human touch.

    Your best business will come from repeat customers, or customer referrals. Treat your customer well, and expect a greater ROI.

    Do your market research. Without it, your business will either fail, or never reach it's full potential.

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    Don't be the cheapest. Be the best! That will always ensure you can charge the prices you want for your services or products.
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