How do I find out if someone is reselling a graphic I made?

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If a client bought a graphic from me with a standard license that allows them to resell it once. How would I find out if he/she breaks that contract?
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    With great difficulty - I think most of the time artists find out by chance or by being informed by somebody else.

    A reverse image search on your graphic could be a good idea - but it doesn't prove that anything was sold?

    This is something I've often wondered about myself but truth be told: I'm not the type to sue the crap out of somebody for something minor - it might mean more to you than it does to me though - personally: as long as I get paid, and I get credit, then I'm cool... If some desperate person needs to resell something a tad more than they are allowed, then that's on them, thier sin is thier responsibility - I ain't going to snake them to the authorities, they are just trying to make money, I am fortunate enough to be able to make more money.

    Saying that - if the person took the micky too bad then report them to the relevent agencies and organizations that deal with that sort of thing and they will investigate - I'm not sure of the name of these agencies off the top of my dome, but there are authorities that exist that deal with this sort of thing seriously - ofcourse it is a major concern and problem - copyright and licencing laws and what not.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful on this one,


    Edit: I said it was a minor problem - that was a pretty ignorant statement, ofcource this can be a big problem - but again: finding out is investigater work, they would be best suited to teaching you how to do this.
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    Anything that is copyrighted and put out on the internet is subject to
    theft. Graphic images are often the victims of license breach, and
    written copy even more so.

    There are sites that can flag written copy as possibly having been
    plagiarized. I do not know of any graphic sites that do similar searches.

    Even when you spot a product that you created and designed, you must
    be able to produce proof that the copyright belonged to you. You must
    also show that the person or entity who is using your graphic is not
    licensed. Then you need to show that the person that they got the image
    from was the one that bought the image from you, and that they did not
    abide by the license.

    So, how much time do you want to spend chasing rainbows? I think
    that you are better off getting clients and selling your wares, and keeping
    that "Income Stream" flowing. Unless you know for a fact that someone
    is violating the terms and rights of your contract (license), then it it nothing
    but a time consuming, and uphill march to try to find justice.

    Let's say that you actually can, and do, prove that someone is in violation, then what?
    Attorney? You would likely have to sue them. A very costly proposition.

    What you might be able to do is to contact the site owner and explain that they
    have your image, and that they received it in an "Unlawful" manner, and that they
    should immediately take down the image. That, however, will not stop the selling
    to others. But, if you can find the site where this person is selling from, you can
    threaten him/her with legal action even if you don't follow through.

    Just a few thoughts.
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    Use tineye to search for the image. If you find it on a sales site you can approach them.

    Where you will struggle is if it appears on other sites who may have copied and pasted the image. If this is the case i would set up a yahoo account in a different name and approach the webmaster asking where they ot the image from and if they can point you towards the site or artist.

    You will probably not get a reply if the image has been c an p but you never know.

    All the best

    I've got 99 problems but a niche ain't one
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    If it was me I would just ask them straight out. Further more if it's under $100.00 just let it go and move on to something else and 86 that client.

    Mike Schlecht

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