Do I HAVE To Have An Upsell?

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Basically, I'm creating a Clickbank product right now in the Internet Marketing niche.

I'm doing all the content myself, so it takes time, but obviously the GFX and Sales Copy will be outsourced and I actually pay quite a bit of money for this.

My product is a start to finish course type thing, but I can't think of an Upsell for my buyers, and even if I could, I'd really struggle to create it, as the main product is taking so long.

So would that put off all potential affiliates off instantly that there are no up sells for them?

If i spend the extra time/effort when building the sales design and affiliate tools, would this be enough for you to promote a product, or is an upsell a MUST for affiliates?

For me it isn't, but I'm obviously going to have a biased opinion,
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    I don't think adding an upsell just for the sale of it isn't a good idea. If you don't put up a high quality offer you'll get many refunds and that will scare affiliates off more than not having an upsell in the first place.
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    An upsell is nice to have but it's not something that you absolutely must have. What's important is having a high quality product that sells - that is what's most important to affiliates.

    You can always add an upsell later on when you have the time to craft one up

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    You could always finish your product, launch it - hopefully you are successful, and then: condense the product into a much cheaper (but nowhere near as detailed) piece of quality information product and launch that with your main product as the upsell.

    This way, for example, you have:
    a) Full Course Product - launched - bringing in money for you and your affiliates.
    b) Smaller product (eBook version of full course) - with (a) as your upsell - extra income for you
    and extra affiliates.

    Just thinking out loud for you

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    Upsell is something to make you more money from existing clients ( or the people who is already going to buy or already bought from you )

    But literally you do not need to have a up sell. It totally depends on you.
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    So would that put off all potential affiliates off instantly that there are no up sells for them?
    Quality of the product is what is important to me.

    Too many create up-sells just because they think they are "leaving money on the table" without them.
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      Originally Posted by Brent Stangel View Post

      Quality of the product is what is important to me.

      Too many create up-sells just because they think they are "leaving money on the table" without them.

      Brent's comment is spot on and worth repeating again.

      How many of us on here have bought a half-assed product in the past that was virtually useless without the upsell(s) that came with it (which we didn't buy because we felt conned by the upsell) and then refunded the same because it was virtually useless on its own.

      It's like buying a new car, then finding out you need to pay extra for the engine and gearbox!

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    You don't have to have a upsell, but you should have ways of making money on the back-end eventually, that is if you want to keep the money rolling in.
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      Isn't this your product? You can do whatever you want with it.

      As others have said, you might want to upsell your product buyers later . . . but there are no Internet police that are going to ticket you for failing to add an upsell at the point of first sale.

      Affiliates want to promote a product that sells well - if you have high conversions because you have a high quality product, that is enough.


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    I find them a turn off, not a turn on. This approach is a no no. Most make me close the door on doing more business with you. Actually, they are like pop ups. Yeah, that means very annoying.
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    If you do one, make sure it is quality. You could take something from your main offer and turn it in to an upsell if you think your course is offering a ton of value.

    'A real friend will stab you in the front'

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    It is always a good idea to have an upsell but it is not necessary. If you have an upsell, you are going to get more money, but its up to you. I always have an upsell with my products. But you have to make sure it is good quality.
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    Although it is great when a product that I am promoting has an upsell, I am more concerned with the quality. I would rather have a really good product to send to my list than a good product with a crappy upsell that will end up ticking them off.
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    Just focus on creating a quality product. You can always worry about upsells later. Good Luck!
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  • Yes. An upsell would definitely be good for your affiliates. It depends what price point you have for your product.
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    Cheers guys, not the response I was expecting, but it was the one I wanted to hear

    Will just have the one product.
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    I'd say an Up-Sell is a MUST if you want affiliates to jump on board. It's actually for your sake as well because your literally leaving money on the table.

    You can simply just put a coaching program behind your product.
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    If you're affiliates are making money while providing value to their audience. I don't think they care.

    If that's not case. You might have to add an upsell.
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    Even just sending the subscriber to a thank you for subscribing page is just fine. And, it might be a welcome relief for a subscriber who is accustomed to being assaulted with one upsell page after another upon sign up. This could be an important step toward establishing trust with your subscriber.
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    No, you do not have to have an upsell.


    If you take a look around at most of the successful marketers who are able to make big amounts of money, it's because they can afford to pay more for each new customer than anyone else can. He who can spend the most to acquire a new customer, wins.

    Without paid traffic you'll struggle to make any big traction these days.

    So in most cases marketers will look at their front end product as nothing more than an offer designed solely for the purpose of being able to recoup their advertising costs. Example: If you have a product selling for $17 then you know you can afford to pay $17 to acquire each new customer. You then make your profit on the backend funnel. This is how smart marketers do things. Without having the front end self liquidating offer you won't be able to afford to go out and draw traffic to your website and thus you will be limited by how far and how fast your product can grow.

    By all means have a backend. If you have other products and services that can help your clients achieve their results then it would be silly of you not to make them available. But just make sure every step of your funnel is of the same high quality.
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