Need Help Marketing Cat Furniture Business

by Evita
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I could use some thoughts in marketing my new cat furniture business.
I make upper end, high quality stuff. Obviously it is a highly competitive business, but what I make
is unique. Need some guerilla methods...
PPC, advertising on blogs, affiliate program, advertising on FB... forum marketing. Etsy...

Here is one product page and while not quite finished, will give more of an idea of what I do.
Freya Scratch Post with Hammock
The items are all available for shipping. (They are modular)


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    Get a list of affluent cat owners and market to them. Send them direct mail.

    Make them an offer they can't refuse. What kind of guarantee do you offer? Do you have any testimonials from clients?

    You could also do online marketing and try to get prospects to opt-in for free cat care tips, etc. Try to get their physical addresses. You could then send them lumpy mail (include a free cat toy or something similar) with your sales letter. Then, keep marketing to them.

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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    You start Seo marketing grow won business.
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    SEO and social media marketing are some of the ways you can promote your business. You can also buy ads on relevant blogs and do some PPC marketing using Bing Ads.
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    You can start by making sure your website has desirable and relevant content. Then you proceed with SEO. After that you go with social media and have accounts on Facebook pages, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. You can use tools for that. You can even join groups on Facebook in relation to your niche. There are also online communities for your kind of business. There is a lot you can do before going to PPC and other marketing strategies.

    You can also try finding leads with the niche you have.
    Good luck!

    Not Just “Another” Team

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    Put up a site/blog that's all about cats. Sappy pics of beautiful kittens and adult cats. Sentimental stuff. You're probably aware that Facebook is like cat heaven so you can get some great ideas there.

    Load the site with cute cat videos. You can get TONS of free content on Youtube. Make the site so good people will want to tell their friends about it. Make that easy for them by having a tell a friend plugin. Have a blog and let your visitors make comments. Some of the videos will have cats lounging, playing, etc., on your products. It's not even that important that they're your products just so you get your visitors thinking cat furniture.

    Of course there will be links on your site pointing to your furniture pages. You can also offer cat toys and other accessories. The point is, make the site a desired destination for cat lovers and the rest, eventually will fall into place.

    Obviously this is a long term strategy, not a quick hit type of thing. Good luck.
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    Search Facebook for cat forums, there are loads.
    Speak to the owner of the forum and ask if you can advertise on there- offer them 10% of any sales. You will get results from this I did with a dog product I marketed for a short time.

    Latest Reviews and Free Training
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    Facebook and cat/pet related forums seem a good way to get started.

    Create a page on facebook and schedule posts (4-5 / day) for the coming month and launch fb ads to get likes for the page. This will give you base you can start marketing to.

    PPC is also an option but requires experience and a budget to start testing. If you can get a positive ROI you can scale easily though.
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    Since you make unusual products, you really want people to see samples first. I would suggest creating a bunch of youtube videos demonstrating your products, preferably with cats actually using them. Include major keywords in the title and descriptions and tags. Link each of these to the product page of the items that it is describing. Then send links to the videos.

    Post these videos on a Facebook page targeting people who love cats. Send the links through social bookmarking sites or use a service like onlywire.

    [$1000 Commissions] Watch this webinar to find out how to earn $1000 Commissions straight to Your Paypal Account.. http://www.BUYDFYCOM
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    A guy on here runs a 6-7-figure cat design furniture store.

    His blog is here - Location Independent Entrepreneurship – The Tropical MBA
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  • Try making youtube videos and ranking them on the first page of google.
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    Reddit loves cats. Almost too much. Worth a try. advertise

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    I would recommend FB ads to your competitor fans. Also create a facebook fanpage.
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    Contact owners of cat fancier blogs and offer a guest blog post. Make sure to give the best information possible for the blog post in exchange for a link to your site. You are not trying to get SEO advantage from this link but real traffic as many cat fans will be reading those blogs already.
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    Thank you everyone for your thoughts. Some really great stuff here, and I will be busy implementing!!

    I'm totally unfamiliar with reddit so did some browsing over there. Will most definitely do some advertising there. They seem to be a bit different as the viewers can leave comments about the ad. Really great way to take the pulse of your market and start conversations! Reddit can be used for a number of things. One thing I really found is that it is a great place to get good youtube videos that don't have a lot of views, but are still good, so good opportunity to collect stuff people haven't seen in other places.

    Thanks, again everyone, really valuable advice!

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    You should make an account on Pinterest, get your website verified on Pinterest and post tons of pictures of cats and also of your products, then each picture you "pin" you can have the website going back to yours. Then once your pinterest account looks pretty decent, search for the most popular cat photos on pinterest and start following everyone that posts those, and soon you will have a bunch of targeted followers once they follow back.
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  • Profile picture of the author Dennis Ray
    Facebook would be your best option.

    Pinterest would not be bad either in my opinion. Post cute little cat pictures and then mix in some cat furniture stuff.
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