How to find good affiliate offers?

by JoeSmR
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So I'm new to the affiliate marketing thing, but I already have around 400 subscribers yet not a single sale..
I'm promoting the highest gravity offers on clickbank too

So can anyone with lots of experience tell me, how do you know if an offer has good EPC?
I heard private affiliate companies have the best offers, is that true?
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    Well it depends mainly on your niche, if it's outside internet marketing then clickbank is a good option, for products related to internet marketing then Jvzoo, warriorplus, warrior payments might be the best solution.

    A good thing to find products to promote is to check Jv boards, such as Jvnotifypro, warriorjv, muncheye, jvlaunchcalendar etc. There you'll find upcoming launches and it's a good place to find great products to promote.

    Yes the EPC is important, but it's just an average number. a better thing is to try to get your own conversions up by preselling the offers you promote. Just remember, you need to provide quality first to make the sales, and the best way you can do that is to genuinly show how the products you promote will help your subscribers.
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    Are you just pitching offers to your list or are you also giving them value? Also are the products niche specific?

    Give value to your niche first, build trust and then give them good products that they are actually looking for.

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      Hi Elusian, I will be grateful if you kindly suggest me what you really mean by giving value to one's product.
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    Take your time to learn the industry buddy you will get there
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    I'm promoting the highest gravity offers on clickbank too
    Gravity alone is not a good way to choose products to promote. If it's in the MMO market then a lot of people will buy through their own affiliate ID, thus skewing the "true" gravity.

    I actually look for low gravity products on CB. Some products I promote regardless of EPC or gravity, just because I know they are solid products and there is a market for them.
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  • High gravity doesn't mean many will buy. Maybe it's your traffic source, they have to be targeted traffic from people that are highly interested in buying.
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    Amazon is the best affiliate marketing site for you.
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    I will look into JVZoo as my niche is internet marketing, any other tips?
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    Can you guys recommend products that you're promoting right now that are doing well?
    Thank you!
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    Still need this, can anyone recommend any good products?
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    It depends how you frame the offer.

    And it depends how you acquired the list ---- what platform did you acquire the list from? If it was paid, what paid? Can you describe (briefly) what sort of funnel you sent them through?

    EPC and Gravity represent what others have done historically. You could do a lot better or a lot worse.

    Maybe try some free trial CPA offers --- go to MaxBounty and signup --- or some other CPA network that'll have you. Try get some payouts on this.

    I know info products can be hard to convert, and 400 names isn't too many really.

    All depends how you frame the offer --- as I say try the free CPA offers. Get them into a yes-ladder.
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    What is your niche?
    do you try other network like cj, share a sell ?
    You can use google to search affiliate program for example, diet+affiliate program.
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    Try networks like JVZoo and clicksure, those networks give you the EPC for the products on there, unfortunately Clickbank doesn't. But the higher the gravity means the more product is converting.Also you need to get some targeted traffic. What you can do is offer those subscribers you have some free stuff or some quality content or info, this will build some trust between you and them and will give you more conversions.
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    It's kind of difficult to help you out without more specifics on your niche, your question seems a bit general so here's a general answer that helped me and might help you.

    Focus on selling the click and not selling the product. Let the product sell the product.

    How do you know if the product will sell? Go into the sales page and ask yourself: If you had a problem which that product is offering a solution for, would you buy it?

    Having said all that, this is provided that your list has the problems to which your offering solutions for. If not, then quite frankly it doesn't matter what you put in front of them, or how the sales page converts.

    Even if you had the cure for cancer, you would struggle to sell it to someone who doesn't have cancer.

    Good luck with everything!

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