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I don't know if I should put this here. I'm not sure if it's allowed. I have a 6yr old son who actually came up with this idea. He wants to help others. I want him to get into the "random acts of kindness" thing. I've started a campaign. I honestly don't know how to market this. I've arranged a facebook group. Created a youtube video....I'm trying to get my family and friends involved.

Any ideas on promoting this would be helpful
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    I wonder if you could get funding and press by posting this on a crowd sourcing site. Tell his story and explain specifically how you are going to help others. Maybe raise money to start a charity in an area that he is particularly passionate about.

    Once you have these specifics perhaps send out a press release. Your local paper may pick it up as a human interest piece.
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    Try to make clear explanation am lost
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    Well it's a noble thing that's for sure.

    How to make this go viral is another thing. You need to have a very unique angle i think for people to donate. Just think of that guy who raised a million dollars for his education by selling a million pixels on a website for a dollar. Many tried after but failed.

    So the key is, find something unique. Having a celibrity do something these days is enough to make something go viral it seems.
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    Well he created a brief video and it's on the donation page. He wants to help the elderly and small children. Specifically those who are homeless and have no food. We want to make videos of us in grocery stores paying for groceries. It's all explained on the donation page I've created for this.
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    I'm guessing once we start making videos of us actually helping this will pick up steam...hopefully.
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  • My idea is keep going with youtube and create more videos in your channel and rank them on the first page of google. Make them fun so that people will be even more engaged. Also you can add videos on other video sites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Viddler etc. Hope this helps.
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    I'm gonna try to create more videos. I'm just not that creative when it comes to that.
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    If you are not that creative, there are plenty of people who are. Go to fiver and find some good video creators. Tell them what your message is and have them come up with videos that get it across. You can hand them the clips of what your son has already done and have it integrated.
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    I've been using twitter for my campaign and today i was able to buy grocery for a family
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    This is something that you have to handle with extreme care. It is very easy to blur the line between trying to do a good deed and trying to pull a marketing stunt.

    Take a look at the ALS Ice Bucket challenge as a campaign to admire. It's done a ton of good, but also has a lot of detractors. You're going to have to be ready for that. The world has a lot more cynics in it than it should, and they all seem to have Internet access and time to comment.

    Now if I were to try and start a campaign around random acts of kindness (and keep in mind that I haven't run a campaign like this before so please don't take it as expert advice) I would start offline. You and your son doing something like this is cool and all; but it doesn't give anyone else a real reason to care. If they want to feed the homeless they'll drop a few more bucks in the collections bucket at Church. At least then they (hope to) have a guarantee that their money will be used wisely.

    Anyways, I would try to spread a random acts of kindness campaign almost like it was a game of "tag". Offline, you can print business cards, flyers, whatever is feasible to you. Do something nice for them. Give them a card and say "you're it". Whoever is "it" must perform random acts of kindness, and pass on a card when they do so. Sample copy could be something like:

    Hope This Random Act Of Kindness Made Your Day!
    Now It's Your Turn! Perform A Random Act Of Kindness And Pass This Card On!
    (Or Tag/Challenge 5 People With The Hashtag #RandomActsOfKindness)

    You're going to have to pump new cards into the game on a pretty consistent basis, and spreading the game outside of your local area is going to take some work. If you can incorporate that online component though (where people challenge friends online similar to the Ice Bucket challenge), the work may be done for you. A lot will be challenged online and it only takes one person in a new city to be touched enough by your project to print the cards out themselves.

    I wish you the best of luck with this project. Anything that puts a little more good into the world is worth pursuing, and this is a great chance to teach your son a bit about the world of marketing and even more about what it takes to be a good man.
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    I've worked with homeless youth and street kids in the past through both church and a registered charity and as a volunteer plus part and full-time worker. I saw many people with good intentions try to get something going themselves but burn out quickly as the work can be (is) demanding. Maybe you can just give food but in my cases and others I have observed the people who need food also need time and genuine attention and care beyond food. It is a privilege to help others but not always easy. I also saw others starting something by themselves when joining with others would have meant resources and expenses were shared and therefore the little money there was could have done more good. I would humbly suggest to seek out other organisations with similar goals to you and connect with them. My concern would be what happens if your son (as wonderful as I'm sure he is) wakes up one day and decides he doesn't want to do it any more. Who will be left holding the can? And what of those expecting the help? All the very best with your endeavour.
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